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Surname Vischer

Family name Vischer (Vischer Germany Switzerland United States Netherlands Austria, Вишер Ukraine Russia Georgia, فيشر Palestinian Territory) , in all the world, is quite a rare surname. The family name Vischer is habitual in Western Europe, particularly Switzerland, where it is quite a rare surname, Germany, where it is a rare surname, and Netherlands. Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. Much less frequently, Vischer is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Vischer Austria, Germany, United States, Netherlands, Switzerland
Вишер Russia, Ukraine, Georgia
فيشر Palestinian Territory

Notable namesakes

picture of peter vischer der ältere peter vischer der ältere peter vischer der ältere German sculptor, DE (b. 1455) link
picture of peter vischer der jüngere peter vischer der jüngere peter vischer der jüngere German sculptor, DE (b. 1487) link
picture of caspar vischer caspar vischer caspar vischer German architect, DE (b. 1510) link
picture of johannes vischer johannes vischer johannes vischer German physician and university teacher, DE (b. 1524) link
hermann vischer der jüngere German painter and sculptor (1486-1516), DE (b. 1486) link
hans vischer German sculptor, DE (b. 1489) link
hermann vischer der ältere German sculptor, DE (b. 1500) link
bartholomaeus vischer (b. 1548) link
hieronymus vischer Swiss artist, active approximately 1580-1620 (b. 1564) link
hieronymus vischer DE (b. 1556) link
jean vischer FR (b. 1561) link
picture of georg matthäus vischer georg matthäus vischer georg matthäus vischer Austrian cartographer, AT (b. 1628) link
georg vischer German painter, active in Munich 1625–1637, DE (b. 1580) link
agnes vischer 10 Nov 1600 Neubulach - 10 Nov 1675 Wildberg (b. 1600) link
thomas vischer (b. 1593) link

Characteristic forenames

Mr, Carl, Barb, Bert, Beth, Kari, Karl, Paul, Phil, Ruth, Chad, Dana, Gita, Lisa, Luca, Ludo, Jade, Josh, John, Joan, Jens, Gary, Tami, Axel, Sven, Ms, Rj, Max, Meg, Amy, Kai, Rob, Ron, Jan, Anne, Jim, Tim, Eva, Ewa, Hoz, Uwe, Marc, Mary, Mark, Mike, Tom, and Todd