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Forename Mary

All around the world, Mary (Maria Brazil Mexico United States Argentina Poland, Mary Brazil Mexico United States Argentina Poland, Marie Brazil Mexico United States Argentina Poland, and others...) is a prevalent female first name. The given name Mary is habitual in Mexico, where it is a prevalent feminine name, Greece, and Argentina (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it is commonest in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. Much less frequently, Mary is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Mary

name Màŕy, name Maris., name Moll, name Maíri, name Mair, name Meeri, name Miriam, name My, name Màřy, name Máry, name Marija, name メリー, name Mária, name Mere, name Μαρία, name Marý, name Marrow, name Mařy, name Marry, name Muffy, name Mary, name Мэри, name Mª, name מארי, name María, name Maureen, name Màřý, name Mariana, name Màŕý, name Mari, name Molly, name Marÿ, name Marie, name Marigold, name Hal, name Marys., name Marŷ, name Màry, name Marilyn, name Merida, name 瑪麗, name Malkin, name Márý, name Mary Anne, name Márÿ, name Мери, name Mele, name Mole, name Marye, name Maria, name Màrý, name メアリ, name Maŕy, name Merija, name Mariya, name מרי, name Meri, name Màrÿ, name Мария, name Malia, name Mariia, name Merja, name ماري, name Elma
Marie, Maria, Mary, Meri Argentina, Brazil, Poland, United States, Mexico
Мария Italy, Brazil, Poland, United States, Mexico
ماري Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Palestinian Territory, Syria
Мери Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Russia, Kyrgyzstan
Μαρία Greece
מרי, מארי Israel
Мэри Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan
メリー, メアリ Japan
瑪麗 China

First name Mary in the context

Mary is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Virgin Mary , the religious figure; mother of Jesus of Nazareth, Paul et Virginie; Mary Magdalene , the follower of Jesus, The Last Temptation of Christ; Mary Jane Watson , the fictional character in Marvel Comics, Spider-Man 2; Mary of Bethany , the figure described in the Gospel of John; sister of Lazarus and Martha, living in the village of Bethany near Jerusalem; traditionally identified with Mary Magdalene and Mary Poppins , the fictional nanny, lead character in the Mary Poppins fantasy book series and its adaptations, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of mary corilé mary corilé mary corilé Ecuadorian writer and poet (1894-1976), EC (b. 189) link
mary díaz de vívar Daughter of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (b. 1070) link
mary of scotland Countess consort of Boulogne (b. 1082) link
mary chulkhurst GB (b. 1100) link
mary bigot (1180-1252) (b. 1184) link
mary i, countess of menteith Scottish noble (b. 1201) link
picture of mary of woodstock mary of woodstock mary of woodstock English princess, GB (b. 1278) link
mary fitz ranulf 1244- (b. 1244) link
mary bruce Sister of Robert the Bruce (b. 1280) link
picture of mary plantagenet mary plantagenet mary plantagenet English princess, Duchess of Britain, GB (b. 1344) link
mary de monthermer 14th-century English noblewoman (b. 1297) link
mary de bohun (1305-1305) (b. 1305) link
picture of mary de bohun mary de bohun mary de bohun wife of King Henry IV of England, GB (b. 1369) link
mary of lancaster English noble, GB (b. 1320) link
mary of chatillon (1323-1363) (b. 1323) link

Characteristic surnames

Lee, Garcia, Taylor, Thomas, Nelson, Harris, Walker, Wilson, Wright, Stewart, Collins, Roberts, Jackson, Johnson, Martinez, Mitchell, Anderson, Campbell, Phillips, Robinson, Thompson, Williams, Carter, Santos, Murphy, Miller, King, Hall, Hill, Moore, Silva, Scott, Smith, Allen, Adams, Clark, Rodriguez, Baker, Kelly, Davis, Green, Lewis, Lopez, Jones, Evans, White, Young, Martin, Brown, and Hernandez