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Forename Amy

In the world, Amy (Amy United States United Kingdom Philippines Australia China, ايمي Egypt Sudan Saudi Arabia Libya Iraq, إيمي Egypt Sudan Saudi Arabia Libya Algeria, and others...) is a widespread feminine forename. The given name Amy is habitual in Macao, where it is a common girly name, Hong Kong, and the United States (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it is the most numerous in the United States, Egypt, and the United Kingdom. Much less frequently, Amy is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishAmy is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Amy

name أمی, name Ãmŷ, name Ámy, name أميه, name Amic, name Амы, name Ами, name آمی, name Ami, name Àmÿ, name Amata, name אמי, name Âmŷ, name امی, name Amy, name Еймі, name Амий, name Aimée, name ٱمي, name Amyas, name ٲمي, name Амата, name ایمی, name آمي, name إيمي, name Эми, name Àmý, name Ámý, name Ąmý, name איימה, name Āmy, name Amý, name ആമി, name امي, name ايمي, name أمي, name Amy-John, name Amelia, name Amÿ, name Amie, name Àmy, name Эйми, name Âmy, name Ãmÿ, name 艾米, name Amee, name איימי, name Aimee, name Âmÿ, name Емі, name أيمي, name エイミー, name Aimèe, name Âmý, name Ãmý, name Эме, name امى, name 埃米, name Ãmy, name ايمى
Amy United Kingdom, China, United States, Australia, Philippines
ايمي Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya
إيمي Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, Algeria
艾米, 埃米 China
آمي Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Morocco
エイミー Japan
Эми Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia
איימי Israel
Емі Ukraine

First name Amy in the context

Amy is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Amy March , the fictional character from Louise May Alcott's Little Women; Amy Pond , the fictional character of Doctor Who; Amy Farrah Fowler , the character in "The Big Bang Theory"; Amy , the fictional character from the 2014 film God's Not Dead and Amy Rose , the fictional character from the Sonic franchise, Sonic Forces, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

amy of garmoran Scottish noblewoman (b. 1300) link
picture of amy robsart amy robsart amy robsart wife of Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester, GB (b. 1532) link
amy mabbes (1500-1562) (b. 1500) link
amy parker (1534-1571) (b. 1534) link
amy forth 1568 - (b. 1568) link
amy o'brien (1578-1606) (b. 1578) link
amy kempe (died 1631) (b. 1591) link
amy seymour (1597-1639) (b. 1597) link
amy wyllys (circa 1625 - 1698/1699), US (b. 1625) link
amy borlase (born 1640) (b. 1640) link
amy trigg (b. 1632) link
amy buisson (1649-1721), CH (b. 1649) link
amy huaud Swiss artist (1657-1724), CH (b. 1657) link
amy allen (born 1663) (b. 1663) link
amy drake 3 Mar 1666 - Nov 1695 (b. 1666) link

Characteristic surnames

Lee, Parker, Taylor, Thomas, Turner, Nelson, Nguyen, Harris, Walker, Wilson, Wright, Stewart, Collins, Roberts, Jackson, Johnson, Edwards, Mitchell, Anderson, Campbell, Phillips, Robinson, Cooper, Miller, Morris, Martin, Chen, Cook, King, Hall, Hill, Wang, Wong, Moore, Scott, Smith, Thompson, Allen, Clark, Baker, Brown, Davis, Green, Lewis, Jones, Evans, White, Young, Adams, and Williams