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Forename Karl

Throughout the world, Karl (Charles United States Germany Tanzania France Kenya, Karl United States Germany Tanzania France Kenya, Carl United States Germany Tanzania France Kenya, among others...) is a prevalent masculine first name. The given name Karl is characteristic of Germany, where it is a widespread boy's name, the United States, where it is a common male name, and Sweden (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it most frequently occurs in the United States, Germany, and France. Very seldom, Karl is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Karl

name Kallur, name Карл, name Kaarle, name Kalle, name Károly, name Carling, name Haye, name Karol, name Карал, name Карел, name كارل, name Król, name Carel, name Charlotte, name Kãrl, name Karlo, name Kaarlo, name Carlo, name Kaarali, name Караль, name Карла, name Kàrl, name Carlin, name Carline, name Kar, name Carl, name Каарло, name Карай, name Karal, name Kerkhoven, name Siarl, name Carolus, name Kaali, name カール, name Karl, name Király, name Charel, name Tjalli, name Karel, name Kárl, name Ķarl, name Karlová, name קרל, name Karolo, name Charlez, name Kral, name Карлес, name Karolis, name Карлас, name Karzeł, name Kall, name Carlos, name Caroline, name Kârl, name Charles, name Carles, name Kārlis
Karl, Carl, Charles France, Germany, United States, Tanzania, Kenya
Карл Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan
カール Japan
كارل Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Egypt
קרל Israel

First name Karl in the context

Karl is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Karl Heisenberg , the Resident Evil 8 fictional character, Resident Evil Village; Luke Cage , the fictional character in Marvel Comics; Mr. Burns , the fictional character from The Simpsons franchise; Karl Ruprect Kroenen , the fictional character in the Hellboy comic book series, and Karl-Friedrich Boerne , the fictional character, Tatort, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

karl der jüngere second son of Charlemagne, DE (b. 772) link
karl das kind King of Aquitaine from 855, DE (b. 847) link
picture of karl i. karl i. karl i. Count of Flanders (1083-1127), DK (b. 1083) link
karl bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, DE (b. 1050) link
picture of karl vii. karl vii. karl vii. King of Sweden (1130-1167), SE (b. 1130) link
karl jónsson writer, IS (b. 1135) link
karl i. Roman Catholic bishop (b. 1200) link
karl von friesach Bishop of Lavant (b. 1200) link
picture of karl eriksen karl eriksen karl eriksen (b. 1250) link
karl tjälfvesson Swedish nobleman, SE (b. 1250) link
karl haraldsson (b. 1250) link
karl von trier Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, DE (b. 1265) link
picture of karl iv karl iv karl iv Holy Roman Emperor, CZ (b. 1316) link
picture of karl topia karl topia karl topia Prince of Albania, AL (b. 1331) link
karl ulfsson Swedish noble, SE (b. 1317) link

Characteristic surnames

Lee, Jensen, Taylor, Thomas, Nelson, Harris, Hansen, Walker, Wagner, Wilson, Wright, Müller, Schmidt, Roberts, Jackson, Johnson, Fischer, Wieneke, Anderson, Peterson, Robinson, Thompson, Davies, Becker, Schmid, Miller, Koch, King, Wolf, Mayer, Moore, Meyer, Smith, Allen, Baker, Bauer, Williams, Brown, Green, Lewis, Jones, Evans, Heinz, Huber, Weber, White, Young, Martin, Davis, and Schneider