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Forename Sven

Around the world, Sven (Sven Germany Sweden Belgium China Croatia, 斯文 China, سفين Iraq Egypt Sudan Morocco Palestinian Territory, and others...) is a widespread boy's forename. The first name Sven is habitual in Germany, where it is a common male name, Sweden, and Croatia, where it is quite a common male name (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Germany, Sweden, and China. Much less frequently, Sven is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Sven

name Svenja, name สเวน, name Svèn, name سون, name 斯温, name Свейн, name سفاين, name Свэн, name Свен, name סוון, name Sweyn, name Svæn, name Svend, name Svens, name Švêñ, name 史文, name 斯文, name Svein, name زفن, name سفين, name Sveno, name Sveinn, name Sven, name Svenn, name Svën, name اسون, name Swen
Sven China, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Croatia
斯文 China
سفين Palestinian Territory, Morocco, Sudan, Iraq, Egypt
Свен Russia, Ukraine, Estonia
סוון Israel

First name Sven in the context

Sven is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Sven , character in Jerusalem Delivered; Sven , the fictional Reindeer from Disney's Frozen; Sven Svenson , the fictional character in the 1987–1996 animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series, Northern Lights Out; Sven Kjartanson , the fictional character in The Saxon Stories, The Last Kingdom and Sven Bolund , the fictional character in the Bert universe, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of blot-sven blot-sven blot-sven politician (b. 1001) link
picture of sven estridsen sven estridsen sven estridsen Danish king, GB (b. 1020) link
sven knutsson Son of Cnut the Great, ruled as King of Norway (b. 1016) link
picture of sven iii. sven iii. sven iii. King of denmark (b. 1125) link
sven aggesen Danish historian (b. 1140) link
sven sture Bef 1360 - 1424 (b. 1400) link
sven guldsmed (b. 1400) link
picture of sven elofsson sven elofsson sven elofsson SE (b. 1533) link
picture of sven håkansson krååk sven håkansson krååk sven håkansson krååk Swedish military personnel, SE (b. 1570) link
sven knutsson ribbing (1499-1577), SE (b. 1550) link
picture of sven ausenius sven ausenius sven ausenius Swedish priest, SE (b. 1617) link
sven ribbing SE (b. 1588) link
picture of sven knutsson sven knutsson sven knutsson SE (b. 1640) link
sven lindormsson bock SE (b. 1598) link
sven grandel SE (b. 1600) link

Characteristic surnames

Berg, Schmidt, Krüger, Köhler, Richter, Lehmann, Nilsson, Nielsen, Neumann, Hofmann, Schulze, Fischer, Schäfer, Svensson, Petersen, Hartmann, Herrmann, Hoffmann, Schröder, Schneider, Andersson, Schubert, Möller, Müller, Werner, Koch, Mason, Meier, Meyer, Bauer, Klein, Lange, Weber, Martin, Schulz, Berger, Becker, Kaiser, Keller, Krause, Peters, Jansen, Jensen, Hansen, Walter, Wagner, Johansson, and Zimmermann