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Forename Mr

In the entire world, Mr (Mr China Colombia Malaysia Taiwan Poland, ميستر Algeria Morocco Egypt Sudan Tunisia, ศตคุณ Thailand) is a common primarily masculine, but scarcely girly forename. The first name Mr is habitual in Indonesia, where it is quite a common principally masculine, but very seldom girly name, Bangladesh, where it is quite a rare masculine name, and Israel, where it is quite a rare gender-neutral name. Not in comparison with a country's population, it is the most numerous in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Mr

name Mȑ, name مر, name อมร, name Mṟ, name นาย, name ﻣﺮ, name Mr, name Ṁr, name ศตคุณ, name Mŗ, name Mr, name Ɱř, name Mr, name อ้อมร, name มร, name Mister, name মৃ, name Ḿr, name Amrir, name Ḿṝ, name Mř, name Ṁř, name Mŕ, name Ɱȑ, name Ḿŕ, name מר, name Mɽ, name مستر, name Ɱr, name Ṃr, name Ḿř, name ميستر, name Mr, name Ḿṙ, name Ṁṟ, name Mṝ, name ムル, name Ḿṟ
Mr China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Colombia, Poland
ميستر Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan
ศตคุณ Thailand

First name Mr in the context

Mr is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Mr Gardiner , the character from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Pride & Prejudice; Mr Bennet , the Pride and Prejudice character, Pride & Prejudice; Mr Philips , the fictional character from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice; Mr Smith , the character from Dostoyevsky's Humiliated and Insulted and Mr Creosote , the minor character from Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

mr guérin (1740-1827) (b. 1740) link
picture of mr penguin mr penguin mr penguin Mr Penguin lives between humans., IR (b. 1844) link
mr irving winter (b. 1844) link
picture of mr dibs mr dibs mr dibs British musician, GB (b. 1964) link
picture of mr brainwash mr brainwash mr brainwash Paris-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker and street artist, FR (b. 1966) link
picture of mr yipadee mr yipadee mr yipadee New Zealand musician, NZ (b. 1978) link
picture of mr bingo mr bingo mr bingo British artist (b. 1979) link
picture of mr brainz mr brainz mr brainz musical artist, GB (b. 1982) link
picture of mr puaz mr puaz mr puaz Talent Manager, TZ (b. 1985) link
picture of mr kul mr kul mr kul Musical Artist, GB (b. 1991) link
picture of mr macaroni mr macaroni mr macaroni Nigerian comedian, NG (b. 1992) link
picture of mr sufian mr sufian mr sufian Moroccan singer, MA (b. 1994) link
picture of mr tomaaa mr tomaaa mr tomaaa Congolese singer, CD (b. 1997) link
picture of mr crazy mr crazy mr crazy Moroccan singer, MA (b. 1997) link
mr pearl corsetmaker, ZA (b. 1962) link

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Ma, Feng, Wang, Yang, Yuan, Zhao, Zhou, Singh, Silva, Souza, Cheng, Costa, Kumar, Liang, Jiang, Huang, Filho, Zhang, Zheng, Santos, Junior, Pereira, Neto, Tang, Lima, Dong, Li, Lu, He, Hu, Wu, Yu, Xu, Shi, Sun, Cao, Ferreira, Gao, Lin, Liu, Luo, Han, Wei, Yan, Zhu, Xie, Song, Chen, Guo, and Oliveira