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Forename Eva

Globally, Eva (Eva India Mexico Brazil Indonesia United States, Ева United States Russia Belarus Bulgaria Kazakhstan, إيفا Syria Egypt Sudan Saudi Arabia Iraq, along with others...) is a prevalent epicene first name. The given name Eva is characteristic of Czechia, where it is a common female name, Andorra, where it is a common principally female, but very seldom boy's name, and Macao, where it is a common girly name (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, the name is most common in India, Mexico, and Brazil. Very seldom, Eva is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishEva is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Eva

name Evā, name Evi, name Évą, name Ev, name Ëva, name Évâ, name אווה, name Chava, name Êva, name Evă, name Evija, name Ova, name Èvá, name Êvá, name Êvã, name Hawa, name Évă, name エヴァ, name Ève, name Èvã, name Eeva, name Evà, name Evá, name Ave, name Evelīna, name إيفا, name Эва, name Ewa, name Jěwa, name Ëvà, name Èvà, name Eve, name Jewa, name Ieva, name Ivast, name Evo, name Evą, name Ева, name Évà, name Efa, name Évã, name Evie, name Êvā, name Evelina, name Èva, name Êvâ, name Eva, name Evita, name Ëvá, name Èvâ, name Évā, name Evâ, name Êvă, name 伊娃, name Évá, name Êvà, name Éva
Eva Brazil, Indonesia, United States, Mexico, India
Ева Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, United States, Kazakhstan
إيفا Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Egypt
Эва Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan
אווה Israel
伊娃 China
エヴァ Japan

First name Eva in the context

Eva is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Eva Yan , the supporting character from the 2005 video game Pathologic; EVA , the character in Metal Gear; Eva McCulloch , the fictional character from the television series The Flash; Eva , the fictional comic book character and Eva Kant , the comics character in the Diabolik series, Danger: Diabolik, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

eva von luxemburg (970-1029) (b. 970) link
picture of eva marshal eva marshal eva marshal Welsh noble, GB (b. 1203) link
picture of eva de braose eva de braose eva de braose English noble (b. 1238) link
eva lieška (b. 1190) link
eva von lüttich BE (b. 1190) link
eva de stopham (1270-1315) (b. 1270) link
eva (b. 1300) link
eva of isenburg (b. 1450) link
eva of salm Countess of Württemberg-Montbéliard (b. 1468) link
eva of leiningen-westerburg Countess of Leiningen (b. 1481) link
picture of eva z rožmberka eva z rožmberka eva z rožmberka CZ (b. 1537) link
eva roller Swiss torture victim, CH (b. 1501) link
eva von trott Mistress of German Duke, DE (b. 1505) link
picture of eva christina eva christina eva christina DE (b. 1558) link
picture of eva vliegen eva vliegen eva vliegen Woman from Meurs, Germany who lived in the 17th century who was reputed to have gone without food and very little water for twenty years., DE (b. 1575) link

Characteristic surnames

Ta, Castro, Ketaca, Garcia, Torres, Flores, Martins, Sanchez, Almeida, Barbosa, Pereira, Ramirez, Ribeiro, Martinez, Carvalho, Katacala, Gonzalez, Ferreira, Oliveira, Rodriguez, Rodrigues, Hernandez, Araujo, Fernandez, Soares, Jesus, Mana, Cami, Cruz, Keta, Rosa, Diaz, Lima, Nala, Silva, Sousa, Souza, Alves, Costa, Perez, Ramos, Rocha, Rieva, Gomez, Gomes, Lopez, Lopes, Santos, and Nascimento