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Forename Christoph

All over the world, Christoph (Christoph Germany Austria United States Switzerland Belgium, Христофор Russia Ukraine Bulgaria Kazakhstan Belarus, Кристоф Russia Ukraine Estonia, among others...) is a widespread masculine forename. The given name Christoph is characteristic of Western Europe, particularly Germany, where it is a common masculine name, Austria, and Switzerland, where it is quite a common boy's name (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in Germany, Austria, and the United States. Much less frequently, Christoph is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Christoph

name Христоф, name Чристопх, name Кристобаль, name Кристоф, name Krzyś, name Кристов, name Christopher, name Криштоф, name Christoph, name Cristoffaro, name Kristoffer, name Krištof, name Kristóf, name Kester, name Krzysiek, name Christof, name Christofor, name Kryštof, name כריסטוף, name Кристапс, name Крістофер, name Tòfol, name Кестер, name Кристофер, name Cristòfol, name Krzystof, name Крыстоф, name Christophorus, name Kristofer, name Кшиштоф, name Кшыштаф, name Stoffel, name Krzysztof, name Крыстафер, name Kristoff, name Христофор, name Крістоф, name Christofer, name Кристоффер, name Cristóbal, name Krzysio, name Christophe, name Kristof, name Chrîstôph, name Cristoforo, name Cristóvão, name Кристофоль, name Kristaps, name Christoffer, name Крыштоф, name Кристофф, name كريستوف, name Cristobal, name Christov, name Kristófer
Christoph Austria, Germany, United States, Belgium, Switzerland
Христофор Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Russia
Кристоф Russia, Ukraine, Estonia
كريستوف Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco
כריסטוף Israel

First name Christoph in the context

Christoph is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Christopher Pike , the character in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness; Christopher Moltisanti , the fictional character from The Sopranos; Christopher Turk , the fictional character from the television series Scrubs; Christopher Robin , the character from Disney's Winnie-the-Pooh-movies, Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin , the fictional character created by A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh series, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of christoph i. christoph i. christoph i. King of Denmark, DK (b. 1219) link
picture of christoph iii christoph iii christoph iii King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden 1442-1448, DE (b. 1416) link
picture of christoph von trautmannsdorf christoph von trautmannsdorf christoph von trautmannsdorf (1435-1480) (b. 1435) link
picture of christoph der starke christoph der starke christoph der starke German aristocrat, DE (b. 1449) link
christoph von rotenhan DE (b. 1390) link
picture of christoph i. christoph i. christoph i. Margrave of Baden, DE (b. 1453) link
picture of christoph schappeler christoph schappeler christoph schappeler German preacher, CH (b. 1472) link
picture of christoph scheurl christoph scheurl christoph scheurl German writer (1481-1542), DE (b. 1481) link
picture of christoph froschauer christoph froschauer christoph froschauer printer in Zurich (1490-1564), CH (b. 1490) link
picture of christoph i. christoph i. christoph i. AT (b. 1480) link
picture of christoph von pappenheim christoph von pappenheim christoph von pappenheim Roman Catholic bishop, DE (b. 1492) link
picture of christoph weiditz christoph weiditz christoph weiditz German painter, sculptor, engraver, medallist and goldsmith (1498-1559), DE (b. 1498) link
christoph von utenheim Swiss bishop, FR (b. 1450) link
picture of christoph von khevenhüller christoph von khevenhüller christoph von khevenhüller (1503-1557) (b. 1503) link
picture of christoph amberger christoph amberger christoph amberger German artist (1505-1562), DE (b. 1505) link

Characteristic surnames

Koch, Wagner, Werner, Mueller, Müller, Steiner, Schulze, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schmitz, Schwarz, Baumann, Richter, Lehmann, Neumann, Fischer, Winkler, Schäfer, Hartmann, Herrmann, Hoffmann, Schröder, Gruber, Schneider, Keller, Becker, Lang, Haas, Hahn, Wolf, Mayer, Maier, Moser, Meier, Meyer, Smith, Bauer, Braun, Brown, Klein, Lange, Huber, Weber, Martin, Schulz, Schmid, Berger, Kaiser, and Zimmermann