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Forename Кшиштоф

Throughout the world, Кшиштоф (Krzysztof Poland Germany United Kingdom United States Ireland, Kristupas United Kingdom United States Spain Lithuania Turkey, Кшиштоф Ukraine Russia Lithuania Belarus) is a widespread masculine forename. The first name Кшиштоф is habitual in Poland, where it is a common boy's name, Ireland, where it is quite a common male name, and Lithuania, where it is quite a rare male name. In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in Poland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. More frequently, Кшиштоф is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Кшиштоф

name Krzysztof, name Kristoffer, name Кристоффер, name Кристапс, name كريستوبال, name Кристов, name Крістофер, name Tòfol, name Kshishtof, name Cristóbal, name Christofor, name Kryštof, name Христофор, name Кристофер, name Krištof, name كريستوفر, name Krzysiek, name כריסטופר, name Cristóvão, name Kester, name Kristof, name Krzystof, name Kristaps, name Cristoforo, name Krzysio, name Крістоф, name Кристобаль, name كريستوف, name Крыстоф, name Christoph, name Кристоф, name Крыстафер, name Christoffer, name Kšyštof, name Christophorus, name Christof, name Крыштоф, name Kšištof, name Christov, name Kristupas, name Christophe, name Кестер, name Кристофоль, name Криштоф, name Christofer, name Christopher, name Kristófer, name Кшыштаф, name Cristobal, name Cristòfol, name Kristofer, name Kristóf, name Кшиштоф, name Krzyś
Krzysztof United States, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland
Kristupas United States, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, United Kingdom
Кшиштоф Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine
Kšyštof Lithuania

First name Кшиштоф in the context

Кшиштоф is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Krzysztof Dobrzański , character in Brzydula and Krzysztof Jędras , the fictional character in the Polish medical drama television series "Na dobre i na złe".

Notable namesakes

picture of казимирский, кшиштоф казимирский, кшиштоф казимирский, кшиштоф Polish diplomat, UA (b. 1550) link
кшиштоф бяллозор LT (b. 1588) link
тышкевич, кшиштоф BY (b. 1616) link
кшиштоф дунін-карвіцький UA (b. 1757) link
picture of цвинар, кшиштоф цвинар, кшиштоф цвинар, кшиштоф LT (b. 1942) link
picture of кшиштоф лавринович кшиштоф лавринович кшиштоф лавринович Lithuanian basketball player, LT (b. 1979) link
кшиштоф кмітич Starostowie link

Characteristic surnames

Ліс, Любовецки, Маршалек, Сухотерин, Шимонік, Ліпневич, Дзедзіц, Павелек, Бриндак, Красіцький, Росоляк, Конєчни, Лавринович, Ціхоцький, Стахач, Санойца, Курило, Ямрози, Вйонцек, Вільк, Мазур, Крупа, Копач, Смык, Кава, Чурило, and Шиманський