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Forename Христоф

Throughout the world, Христоф (Христоф Ukraine Russia) is an extremely rare masculine first name. More frequently, Христоф is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Христоф

name Христоф, name Кристобаль, name Кристоф, name Hristof, name Christoph, name Christopher, name Криштоф, name כריסטופר, name Krištof, name Kristóf, name Kester, name Christof, name Kryštof, name כריסטוף, name クリストファー, name 克里斯多福, name Кестер, name Кристофер, name Крыстоф, name クリストフ, name Khristof, name Kristoff, name Cristóbal, name Christophe, name Kristof, name Cristoforo, name كريستوف, name Christoffer, name Cristobal, name Christov
Христоф Russia, Ukraine