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Forename Kristóf

Across the world, Kristóf (Kristof Belgium Hungary Slovakia Czechia Germany, Kristóf Hungary Slovakia United States Romania Germany, מילאק Israel) is quite a common male first name. The first name Kristóf is characteristic of Belgium, where it is quite a common masculine name, Guadeloupe, and Hungary. Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Belgium, Hungary, and Germany. Likewise, Kristóf is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Kristóf

name Христоф, name Кристобаль, name Кристоф, name Krzyś, name Christoph, name Christopher, name Кристов, name Криштоф, name כריסטופר, name كريستوبال, name Kristoffer, name Krištof, name Kristóf, name Kester, name Krzysiek, name Columbus, name Christof, name Christofor, name Kryštof, name כריסטוף, name Кристапс, name Крістофер, name Tòfol, name Кестер, name Кристофер, name Cristòfol, name Krzystof, name Крыстоф, name Christophorus, name Kristofer, name Кшиштоф, name Кшыштаф, name Kristofor, name Krzysztof, name Крыстафер, name Христофор, name Крістоф, name Christofer, name Кристоффер, name Cristóbal, name Krzysio, name מילאק, name Christophe, name Kristof, name Cristoforo, name Cristóvão, name Кристофоль, name Kristaps, name Christoffer, name Крыштоф, name Cristobal, name Christov, name Kristófer
Kristof Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Belgium
Kristóf Romania, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, United States
מילאק Israel

First name Kristóf in the context

Kristóf is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Wes Gibbins , character in How to Get Away with Murder; David North , the fictional character in Marvel Comics; Christoph Bogner , the fictional character from Lindenstraße and Kristof Welvis , character in Spoed.

Notable namesakes

corvin kristóf Prince of Hungary, HU (b. 1499) link
kristóf merse de szinye Hungarian nobleman, member of the Royal Guard of the Palace (b. 1499) link
picture of lackner kristóf lackner kristóf lackner kristóf Hungarian writer and metal worker (1571-1631), HU (b. 1571) link
országh kristóf Hungarian Judge royal (1535-1567), HU (b. 1535) link
kristóf orssich de szlavetich (b. 1550) link
picture of okolicsányi kristóf okolicsányi kristóf okolicsányi kristóf Hungarian politician, HU (b. 1650) link
burger györgy kristóf (b. 1622) link
kristóf böhm SK (b. 1626) link
kristóf paskó RO (b. 1634) link
novoszády kristóf Hungarian goldsmith, HU (b. 1666) link
picture of niczky kristóf niczky kristóf niczky kristóf Hungarian noble, HU (b. 1725) link
hamon kristóf Hungarian Baroque architect, HU (b. 1693) link
festetics kristóf Hungarian politician (1696-1768), HU (b. 1696) link
simai kristóf Hungarian member of Order of the Pious Schools, dictionary author (1742-1833), HU (b. 1742) link
picture of kristóf szongott kristóf szongott kristóf szongott RO (b. 1843) link