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Surname Mayer

Surname Mayer (Mayer Germany United States Austria Brazil France, מאיר Israel, ماير Egypt Iraq Turkey, among others...) , in all the world, is a widespread last name. The family name Mayer is characteristic of Western Europe, particularly Austria, where it is a common surname, Germany, and Liechtenstein (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, the name is most common in Germany, the United States, and Austria. Very seldom, Mayer is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Mayer

Nomographic illustration
Mayer Austria, Brazil, Germany, United States, France
מאיר, מאייר Israel
ماير Egypt, Iraq, Turkey
Маер, Майер Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia
マイヤー Japan
Маєр Ukraine
Майэр Russia, Kazakhstan

Notable namesakes

johannes mayer DE (b. 1437) link
kilian mayer German farmer, DE (b. 1500) link
jörg mayer (b. 1500) link
margarete mayer DE (b. 1528) link
johann mayer DE (b. 1530) link
johann mayer DE (b. 1530) link
christoph mayer theologian (1568-1626), AT (b. 1564) link
brigitta mayer (b. 1567) link
friedrich mayer (b. 1570) link
john mayer Mayer, John (bap. 1583, d. 1664), biblical commentator (b. 1583) link
christian mayer born 1584; died 1634, DE (b. 1584) link
margarete mayer DE (b. 1580) link
johann mayer DE (b. 1583) link
georg ludwig mayer DE (b. 1584) link
johann ferdinand mayer (b. 1589) link

Characteristic forenames

Ma, Ge, Dj, Di, Da, Rj, Ro, Pj, Bj, Bo, Ba, Aj, Ad, Al, Ms, Mr, Mi, Mo, La, and Le