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Surname Meier

Family name Meier (Meier Germany Switzerland United States Austria Brazil, ماير Egypt Iraq Turkey, Мейер Russia Kazakhstan Ukraine Lithuania Kyrgyzstan, among others...) , around the globe, is a widespread last name. The cognomen Meier is habitual in Western Europe, particularly Liechtenstein, where it is a widespread surname, Switzerland, and Germany, where it is a common surname (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, the name is most common in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. Very seldom, Meier is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Meier

Nomographic illustration
Meier Austria, Brazil, Germany, United States, Switzerland
ماير Egypt, Iraq, Turkey
Мейер Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Russia
מאייר Israel

Notable namesakes

elisabeth meier DE (b. 1498) link
picture of david meier david meier david meier German historian and theologian, DE (b. 1572) link
bartholomäus meier DE (b. 1528) link
picture of sebastian meier sebastian meier sebastian meier German rector and educationist (1594-1664), DE (b. 1594) link
jakob meier (1548-1599), CH (b. 1548) link
justus meier NL (b. 1566) link
theodor meier (b. 1572) link
picture of gebhard theodor meier gebhard theodor meier gebhard theodor meier German theologian (1633-1693), DE (b. 1633) link
heinrich meier German politician (1609-1676), DE (b. 1609) link
picture of gerhard meier gerhard meier gerhard meier German educationist and theologist, DE (b. 1664) link
gerhard meier German educationist, DE (b. 1616) link
magdalena dorothea meier (b. 1614) link
anna sophie meier (b. 1621) link
simon meier (b. 1623) link
maria gotthilf meier (b. 1628) link

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