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Surname Todorovic

Cognomen Todorovic (Todorovic Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro Croatia Austria, Todorović Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro Croatia Austria, Тодорович Ukraine Moldova Russia Bulgaria Kazakhstan) , all around the world, is a common family name. The cognomen Todorovic is habitual in Southern Europe, particularly Serbia, where it is a widespread surname, Montenegro, where it is a common surname, and Bosnia and Herzegovina (explore the name in all countries). Much less frequently, Todorovic is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Todorovic

Nomographic illustration
Todorović, Todorovic Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia
Тодорович Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia
Тодоровић Serbia

Last names said to be same

Todorovič, and Тодоровиц

Notable namesakes

picture of milan todorovic milan todorovic milan todorovic Serbian film director, RS (b. 1981) link
milorad todorovic chess player (b. 1936) link
goran n todorovic chess player (b. 1961) link
jovan todorovic chess player (b. 1970) link
bojan todorovic chess player (b. 1971) link
dennis todorovic German screenwriter and film producer, DE (b. 1977) link
jovan b. todorovic director and filmmaker link
michael todorovic researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-0806-5610 link
smilja todorovic researcher link
milos todorovic researcher link
vladimir s. todorovic researcher link
dragana todorovic researcher link
petar todorovic researcher link
milica todorovic researcher link
vesna todorovic researcher (ORCID 0000-0003-4110-8395) link

Characteristic forenames

Mr, Masa, Maya, Mayo, Mare, Mara, Mark, Una, Ogi, Iva, Vuk, Vic, Eva, Ema, Ena, Ted, Tea, Tox, Tom, Jan, Lea, Leo, Amy, Ana, Sly, Sue, Sam, Mia, Jo, Ms, Maca, and Maja