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Forename Ema

Around the world, Ema (Ema India Indonesia Argentina Mexico Croatia, Эмма Russia Kazakhstan Georgia Belarus Azerbaijan, エマ Japan, along with others...) is a widespread dominantly feminine, but uncommonly boy's first name. The first name Ema is habitual in Croatia, where it is a common girly name, Georgia, where it is quite a common female name, and Bosnia and Herzegovina (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in India, Indonesia, and Russia. Also, Ema is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ema

name Êmã, name Emā, name Emú, name Ēma, name Emą, name Ęma, name Êmâ, name Emà, name Èmà, name Ěma, name Ěmá, name Ęmà, name Emá, name Émá, name Ëmā, name Êmà, name Ēmā, name Ema, name Émã, name Ęmă, name Ема, name Ęmã, name Emu, name Èmã, name Êma, name Эмма, name Èmá, name Эма, name Émâ, name Ĕmą, name Ëmâ, name エマ, name Emā, name إيما, name אמה, name Èma, name Ëmà, name Emley, name Èmâ, name Ëmã, name Έμμυ, name Êmă, name Эмми, name Емма, name Éma, name Ēmã, name Emâ, name Emmy, name Ęmā, name Ěmâ, name Emma, name Êmā, name Emoe, name Ëma, name Ëmá, name Ëmă, name Émà
Ema India, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, Croatia
Эмма Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia
エマ Japan
Ема Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kazakhstan
אמה Israel
إيما Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt
Эма Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

First name Ema in the context

Ema is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Emma Frost , the fictional character in Marvel Comics, X-Men: First Class; Ema Skye , the fictional character from Ace Attorney, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth; Emma Swan-Jones , the Fictional character on Once Upon a Time; Emma Ricou Mas , character in Les de l'hoquei and Emma Woodhouse , the fictional character from Emma, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of ema pukšec ema pukšec ema pukšec Croatian opera singer, HR (b. 1834) link
picture of ema pechová ema pechová ema pechová Czech actress, CZ (b. 1869) link
ema tenko Japanese poet, chronicler and physician, JP (b. 1824) link
picture of ema destinnová ema destinnová ema destinnová Czech operatic soprano with a strong and soaring lyric-playwright voice (1878-1930), CZ (b. 1878) link
picture of ema de oliveira ema de oliveira ema de oliveira Portuguese actress, PT (b. 1891) link
picture of ema švandová ema švandová ema švandová CZ (b. 1882) link
ema maislerová Ema Maislerová * 11. 5. 1850 , Budapešť (Budapest) , Maďarsko (Hungary) † 8. 2. 1925 , Praha , Česká republika (Czech Republic) zpěv sex: female (b. 1850) link
picture of ema starc ema starc ema starc Yugoslavian actor (b. 1901) link
ema pokorná holocaust victim, b. 1854-12-31, CZ (b. 1854) link
ema taussigová holocaust victim, b. 1857-04-30, CZ (b. 1857) link
ema spencer American photographer, columnist (1857–1941), US (b. 1857) link
ema dubská holocaust victim, b. 1859-11-01, CZ (b. 1859) link
ema funkensteinová holocaust victim, b. 1859-10-24, CZ (b. 1859) link
ema beerová holocaust victim, b. 1860-10-10, CZ (b. 1860) link
ema krausová holocaust victim, b. 1860-12-28, CZ (b. 1860) link