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Surname Smitt

Cognomen Smitt (Smitt United States Myanmar Sweden Argentina Netherlands, سميت Iraq Egypt Libya Morocco, Смитт Russia) , throughout the world, is quite a rare last name. The surname Smitt is characteristic of Northern Europe, particularly Estonia, where it is quite a rare surname, Sweden, and Denmark, where it is a rare surname. In absolute terms, it most frequently occurs in Myanmar, the United States, and Sweden. Much less frequently, Smitt is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Smitt Sweden, Myanmar, Argentina, Netherlands, United States
سميت Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco
Смитт Russia

Notable namesakes

wilhelm smitt (b. 1750) link
immanuel smitt (b. 1750) link
picture of fredrik smitt fredrik smitt fredrik smitt Swedish actor (1818-1896), SE (b. 1818) link
picture of johan wilhelm smitt johan wilhelm smitt johan wilhelm smitt botanist, SE (b. 1821) link
picture of jacob sverdrup smitt jacob sverdrup smitt jacob sverdrup smitt Norwegian politician (1835-1889), NO (b. 1835) link
picture of fredrik adam smitt fredrik adam smitt fredrik adam smitt Swedish zoologist (1839-1904), SE (b. 1839) link
picture of jonas smitt jonas smitt jonas smitt (b. 1836) link
picture of clara emilia smitt clara emilia smitt clara emilia smitt Swedish doctor and author, SE (b. 1864) link
livius smitt Norwegian jurist and politician (1840-1890), NO (b. 1840) link
willem smitt DE (b. 1832) link
carl manuel smitt Swedish millionaire, adventurer, general contractor and executive, SE (b. 1869) link
hjalmar ertman smitt SE (b. 1866) link
anton elias smitt Norwegian forester (b. 1883) link
gösta smitt SE (b. 1877) link
picture of willem smitt willem smitt willem smitt Dutch journalist and chief editor, NL (b. 1939) link

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