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Surname Codde

Surname Codde (Codde United States Belgium France Australia Canada, Кодде) , throughout the world, is a rare last name. The cognomen Codde is habitual in Belgium, where it is a rare surname, New Zealand, and Australia, where it is a very rare surname. Not in comparison with a country's population, it is commonest in the United States, Belgium, and France.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Codde

Nomographic illustration
Codde Australia, Canada, France, United States, Belgium

Last names said to be same

Codd, Coddè, Coddé, Kodde, and Цодде

Notable namesakes

picture of griete pietersdr codde griete pietersdr codde griete pietersdr codde (1538-1607) (b. 1538) link
picture of pieter codde pieter codde pieter codde painter from the Northern Netherlands (1599-1678), NL (b. 1599) link
picture of petrus codde petrus codde petrus codde First Old Catholic bishop, NL (b. 1648) link
jacqueline sabine codde 1658 - 15 Aug 1737 (b. 1658) link
picture of paul codde paul codde paul codde Belgian actor, BE (b. 1950) link
benedicte marie odile codde (born 1945) (b. 1945) link
james p codde researcher link
anna pietersdr. codde 1504 - Aft 24 May 1566 link
philippe codde (b. 1972) link
pieter pietersz. codde link
griet jacobsdochter codde link

Characteristic forenames

Mr, Sarah, Silvy, Anais, Chris, Clark, Cindy, Betty, Brian, Karen, Kathy, Kalia, Kevin, Rolph, David, Diane, Laura, James, Jonas, Jerry, Terry, Traci, Sanne, Edwin, Olga, Tara, Jo, Jim, Tim, Wim, Mary, Mark, Matt, Mike, Sara, Adam, Brad, Paul, Ruth, Ryan, Dave, Dale, Gary, Lise, Jack, John, Jeff, Tino, and Wendy