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Forename Lise

Worldwide, Lise (Lise Democratic Republic of the Congo Canada France Denmark United States, ליזה Israel, Лисе Russia) is a common girly first name. The forename Lise is habitual in Monaco, where it is quite a common female name, Canada, and New Zealand (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Canada, and France. Very seldom, Lise is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Lise

name Elisabetta, name Elizabet, name Inger-Lise, name Izabel, name Elżbieta, name Ilza, name Izabela, name Líse, name Izabella, name Elizabeta, name Isabella, name Liisi, name Ingelise, name Liisa, name Alžběta, name Betsy, name Betty, name Betina, name Eske, name Ingerlise, name Liesel, name Lisè, name Bettina, name Lisë, name Лисе, name Ilsa, name Erzsébet, name Lisé, name ליזה, name Elizabeto, name Elžbieta, name Isabelle, name Elisabeth, name Liscio, name Lîe, name Elisabet, name Inge-Lise, name Liesbeth, name Лизе, name Liesl, name Lis, name Liza, name Erzsebet, name Ilze, name Lisa, name Elizabeth, name Liz, name Isabel, name Lise, name Liçe, name Ilse, name Liese, name Anne-Lise, name Elspeth
Lise United States, Denmark, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Canada, France
ליזה Israel
Лисе Russia
Лизе Kazakhstan, Russia

First name Lise in the context

Lise is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Lise , the operatic character in the opera Cyrano (Beeson); Lise , the operatic character in the opera Cyrano (Damrosch); Lise Dassin (Alternate) , the musical character in the musical An American in Paris by George Gershwin; Lise , character in Le manuscrit érotique and Lise Dassin , the musical character in the musical An American in Paris by George Gershwin.

Notable namesakes

picture of lise noblet lise noblet lise noblet ballet dancer, FR (b. 1801) link
picture of lise tautin lise tautin lise tautin singer, FR (b. 1834) link
lise cloquet French botanical painter, FR (b. 1788) link
lise de chamisso (b. 1779) link
lise lucas de montigny FR (b. 1784) link
picture of lise tréhot lise tréhot lise tréhot mistress and model of the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1848-1922), FR (b. 1848) link
picture of lise fleuron lise fleuron lise fleuron French music-hall artist, FR (b. 1874) link
picture of lise meitner lise meitner lise meitner Austrian-Swedish physicist, AT (b. 1878) link
picture of lise stauri lise stauri lise stauri Norwegian high school teacher, NO (b. 1882) link
picture of lise berty lise berty lise berty FR (b. 1873) link
lise lazard FR (b. 1826) link
picture of lise de baissac lise de baissac lise de baissac Mauritian SOE agent (1905-2004), FR (b. 1905) link
lise eran FR (b. 1850) link
picture of lise london lise london lise london politician from France, FR (b. 1916) link
picture of lise nørgaard lise nørgaard lise nørgaard Danish writer and journalist, DK (b. 1917) link

Characteristic surnames

Roy, Richard, Lambert, Leblanc, Nielsen, Andersen, Bergeron, Belanger, Bouchard, Petersen, Pedersen, Gauthier, Lapointe, Levesque, Lefebvre, Johansen, Tremblay, Fournier, Sørensen, Pelletier, Rasmussen, Desjardins, Poirier, Jørgensen, Boucher, Michaud, Cote, Morin, Silva, Smith, Caron, Brown, Lotte, Olsen, Martin, Martel, Madsen, Robert, Dubois, Gagnon, Girard, Landry, Larsen, Lavoie, Jensen, Hansen, Fortin, Bernard, and Christensen