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Forename Jacques

Worldwide, Jacques (Jacques France Democratic Republic of the Congo Canada Cameroon South Africa, جاك Iraq Sudan Egypt Algeria Syria, ジャック Japan, along with others...) is a widespread boy's first name. The first name Jacques is characteristic of France, where it is a widespread male name, Cameroon, where it is quite a common masculine name, and Luxembourg (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in France, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Canada. Very seldom, Jacques is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishJacques is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Jacques

name Chaime, name Jacquès, name Jacobus, name Jacqués, name Jakob, name Jacque, name Jaquish, name Jokūbas, name Jacb, name Džeimss, name Jákob, name Jacot, name Jakez, name Jacquës, name Jacobo, name Fritaa, name Jaque, name Jiminy, name Jàcqués, name 雅克, name Diego, name Jaques, name Jaakko, name Jàcqûëš, name Jacques, name ジャック, name Jakubs, name Jacob, name Jakue, name Jacó, name Jacqueline, name Jacopo, name Jack, name Jakúb, name Giacomo, name Jacobs, name Jockel, name Jacquerie, name Jàcques, name Jacke, name Iacopo, name Jim, name جاك, name ז'אק, name Jakub, name Jaume, name John, name Jakov, name James, name Jaco, name Jakow, name Jakób, name Жак, name Jakes, name Iacobus, name Jakab, name Jacco
Jacques Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, France, Cameroon, Canada
جاك Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan
ジャック Japan
雅克 China
Жак Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria
ז'אק Israel
Iacobus Italy, Romania

First name Jacques in the context

Jacques is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Jack Bauer , the character from the television series 24; Jacques Paganel , the character created by Jules Verne, In Search of the Castaways; Jacques Vingtras , character in Le Bachelier; Jacques Strap , the prank call alter ego used by Bart Simpson in the 1990 The Simpsons episode Moaning Lisa (S1, E6) and Jack Reacher , the fictional character, Jack Reacher, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of jacques ier d'avesnes jacques ier d'avesnes jacques ier d'avesnes French nobleman (1152-1191), FR (b. 1152) link
picture of jacques de vitry jacques de vitry jacques de vitry French theologian, historian, priest and philosopher (died 1240), FR (b. 1170) link
picture of jacques de saint-georges jacques de saint-georges jacques de saint-georges French architect of the 13th century, GB (b. 1230) link
picture of jacques ii de majorque jacques ii de majorque jacques ii de majorque King of Majorca, FR (b. 1243) link
jacques ier de chacenay Peerage person ID=119968, FR (b. 1200) link
jacques de longuyon French author of a chanson de geste, FR (b. 1200) link
jacques d'orléans author (1201-1400) (b. 1201) link
jacques bretel French medieval poet, FR (b. 1210) link
jacques de bazoches (b. 1200) link
jacques de cambrai French musician and poet, FR (b. 1220) link
jacques ii de révigny bishop of Verdun, FR (b. 1230) link
jacques de baisieux French poet, FR (b. 1250) link
picture of jacques de via jacques de via jacques de via French Cardinal, FR (b. 1300) link
jacques ier de châtillon French noble (1256-1302), FR (b. 1256) link
jacques of botron (b. 1250) link

Characteristic surnames

Roy, Girard, Thomas, Fortin, Fourie, Mathieu, Mercier, Bernard, Boucher, Richard, Laurent, Lambert, Leblanc, Joubert, Vincent, Olivier, Bertrand, Rousseau, Gauthier, Lefebvre, Tremblay, Fournier, Gagnon, Pelletier, Dupont, Durand, Nel, Roux, Jean, Morel, Morin, Meyer, Silva, Simon, Smith, Botha, Denis, David, Leroy, Henry, Martin, Marais, Moreau, Michel, Santos, Pierre, Robert, Dubois, and Pretorius