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Forename Jakób

All around the world, Jakób (Jakób Poland) is a very rare male given name. The given name Jakób is habitual in Eastern Europe, particularly Poland, where it is a very rare masculine name. More prevalently, Jakób is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Jakób

name Jockel, name Jacobus, name Yakov, name Jaakko, name Jakab, name Джейкоб, name Ιάκωβος, name Jacobo, name Giacomo, name Jacopo, name Diego, name Jaco, name Jacob, name Jakob, name Yaqoob, name Yakup, name Jakub, name Iacopo, name Yakub, name Τζιμ, name James, name Jakov, name Jacco, name Iacobus, name Jakubs, name Džeimss, name Iacob, name Jakúb, name Jacques, name Iakovos, name Seamus, name Yaqub, name Santiago, name Jiminy, name Ζακ, name Джакомо, name Jokūbas, name Jämes, name Yaqoub, name Yacob, name Jakow, name Jim, name Yakiv, name Jacb, name Jacó, name Santjago, name Jakób, name Jakez, name Jaume, name Séamus, name Thiago
Jakób Poland

First name Jakób in the context

Jakób is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Jakub Wędrowycz , character in Konan Destylator; Kuba Potulicki ; Jakub Burski and Jakub Kusy .

Notable namesakes

jakób górski (b. 1525) link
jakób ciołek (b. 1587) link
picture of jakób michał frey jakób michał frey jakób michał frey Polish physician, gynaecologist (1801-1865), PL (b. 1801) link
jakób jourdan PT (b. 1774) link
jakób henner PL (b. 1862) link
picture of lech m. jakób lech m. jakób lech m. jakób Polish poet, PL (b. 1953) link
jakób franz stolpmann link
jakób czechowicz link