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Forename Jiminy

All around the world, Jiminy (Jiminy United States Philippines France Australia United Kingdom, 吉米尼, جيمني Iraq) is a very rare gender-neutral first name. The first name Jiminy is habitual in South-eastern Asia, particularly Philippines, where it is a very rare largely masculine, but infrequently girly name. Likewise, Jiminy is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Jiminy

name Yaqoob, name Yakup, name Yaqoub, name Ιάκωβος, name Сантьяго, name Джеймс, name Дієго, name Жак, name Жауме, name Jaume, name Яакко, name Jim, name Jakúb, name Diego, name Yakov, name Йокубас, name Джейкоб, name Jakub, name Ζακ, name Santiago, name Джым, name Джэймс, name Jakov, name Jakob, name Jakubs, name Шимус, name Jakow, name Jiminy, name Yaqub, name James, name Джекобс, name Jacobus, name جيمني, name Iacopo, name Jacopo, name Jakób, name Jaakko, name Santjago, name Yakub, name Τζιμ, name Иаков, name Jämes, name Jokūbas, name Джим, name Якаб, name Яаков, name Якав, name Jacob, name Диего, name Džeimss, name Séamus, name Jacques
Jiminy Australia, Philippines, France, United States, United Kingdom
جيمني Iraq

First name Jiminy in the context

Jiminy is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Jiminy Cricket , the fictional character from Disney's Pinocchio and Jiminy Glick , the fictional character.

Characteristic surnames

Cao, Jimmer, Haynes, Hussin, Salazar, Chambes, Criquet, Kricket, Pantoja, Jimmara, Michaels, Swientek, Crickett, Bartlett, Billybob, Frederic, Christmas, Billy-Bob, Jordan, Humphries, Doneda, Kriket, Liu, Her, Blok, Diaz, Hale, Wong, Silva, Souza, Stack, Andre, Glick, James, Jones, Eskok, Castro, Criket, Cuadra, Rabelo, and Winchester