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Surname Jacques

Last name Jacques (Jacques France Democratic Republic of the Congo Canada Cameroon South Africa, جاك Iraq Sudan Egypt Algeria Syria, ジャック Japan, along with others...) , worldwide, is a widespread family name. The surname Jacques is characteristic of Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Dominica, where it is quite a common surname, Haiti, and Guadeloupe (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, the name is most common in France, the United States, and Canada. More frequently, Jacques is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Jacques

Nomographic illustration
Jacques South Africa, Canada, France, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo
جاك Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Algeria
ジャック Japan
雅克 China
Жак Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia
ז'אק Israel
Iacobus Romania, Italy

Last names said to be same

Chaime, Diego, Džeimss, Fritaa, Giacomo, Iacopo, Jaakko, Jacb, Jacco, Jack, Jacke, Jaco, Jacob, Jacobo, Jacobs, Jacobus, Jacopo, Jacot, Jacque, Jacqueline, Jacquerie, Jacquès, Jacqués, Jacquës, Jacó, Jakab, Jakes, Jakez, Jakob, Jakov, Jakow, Jakub, Jakubs, Jakue, Jakób, Jakúb, James, Jaque, Jaques, Jaquish, Jaume, Jim, Jiminy, Jockel, John, Jokūbas, Jàcques, Jàcqués, Jàcqûëš, Jákob, Jämes, Merdaa, Santiago, Santjago, Seamus, Séamus, Thiago, Xhak, Ya'Acov, Ya'Aqov, Yaacov, Yaakov, Yaaqov, Yacob, Yakiv, Yakov, Yakub, Yakup, Yaqoob, Yaqoub, Yaqub, Zhak, Ζακ, Ιάκωβος, Τζιμ, Джакомо, Джейкоб, Джейкобс, Джейкс, Джеймс, Джекобс, Джим, Джым, Джэймс, Диего, Дієго, Жако, Жауме, Иаков, Йокель, Йокубас, Сантьяго, Симус, Тиаго, Тьяго, Шеймус, Шимус, Яакко, Яаков, Якаб, Якав, Якоб, Якобс, Якобус, Яков, Якопо, Якуб, Якуп, Яків, Яша, Іаков, ג'יימס, ג'ייקוב, ג'ייקובס, דייגו, ז'ק, חקובו, טיאגו, יענקלה, יעקב, יעקוב, יקופ, סנטיאגו, עקב, קובי, תיאגו, جاكس, جاكوب, جاكوبس, جيم, جيمس, جیمس, دييغو, سانتياغو, شيموس, ياكوب, يعقوب, چاك, ژاک, ইয়াকুব, জিম, জেমস, ฌัชชา, ฌายีเนตร, იაკობი, იაკოვი, ジェイムス, ジェイムズ, ジェームス, ジェームズ, ジエームス, ジム, ジャコ, ディエゴ, ヤッコ, 占士, 吉姆, 吉米, 杰柯, 詹姆斯, 迭戈, 雅克斯, 雅可, 雅各, and 雅各伯

Notable namesakes

cristóvão jacques Portuguese explorer, PT (b. 1480) link
pierre jacques 16th century French sculptor, FR (b. 1516) link
françois jacques FR (b. 1628) link
louis jacques (b. 1664) link
jean-baptiste jacques (b. 1688) link
richard jacques American military officer (b. 1704) link
maurice jacques French painter, tapestry designer, FR (b. 1712) link
nicolas jacques (b. 1713) link
louis, jacques, antoine dejunquières French politician (1740-1808), FR (b. 1740) link
jacques, louis guino FR (b. 1734) link
charles symphorien jacques French sculptor, FR (b. 1750) link
denis jacques de moret FR (b. 1747) link
jacques, barthélémy noaille French politician, FR (b. 1758) link
daniel, jacques, jean, david brière French politician (1761-1835), FR (b. 1761) link
picture of amédée florentin jacques amédée florentin jacques amédée florentin jacques French educator, FR (b. 1813) link

Characteristic forenames

Roy, Girard, Thomas, Fortin, Fourie, Mathieu, Mercier, Bernard, Boucher, Richard, Laurent, Lambert, Leblanc, Joubert, Vincent, Olivier, Bertrand, Rousseau, Gauthier, Lefebvre, Tremblay, Fournier, Gagnon, Pelletier, Dupont, Durand, Nel, Roux, Jean, Morel, Morin, Meyer, Silva, Simon, Smith, Botha, Denis, David, Leroy, Henry, Martin, Marais, Moreau, Michel, Santos, Pierre, Robert, Dubois, and Pretorius