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Surname Rousseau

Cognomen Rousseau (Rousseau France Canada United States Belgium South Africa, Руссо Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan Belarus Kyrgyzstan, רוסו Israel, along with others...) , throughout the world, is a common last name. The cognomen Rousseau is habitual in France, where it is quite a common surname, Seychelles, and Monaco (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in France, Canada, and the United States. Much less frequently, Rousseau is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Rousseau

Nomographic illustration
Rousseau Belgium, Canada, South Africa, United States, France
Руссо Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus
רוסו Israel
روسو Syria, Egypt, Morocco

Last names said to be same

Nickname, Roux, Rouzaud, Ruso, Russaw, Russel, Russo, Роуссеау, Русо, and 鲁索

Notable namesakes

charles de rousseau (b. 1505) link
picture of jean-baptiste rousseau jean-baptiste rousseau jean-baptiste rousseau French poet, FR (b. 1670) link
picture of isaac rousseau isaac rousseau isaac rousseau Genevan watchmaker, CH (b. 1672) link
picture of jean viii césar rousseau de la parisière jean viii césar rousseau de la parisière jean viii césar rousseau de la parisière FR (b. 1667) link
picture of antoine rousseau antoine rousseau antoine rousseau French financier and merchant, FR (b. 1678) link
jacques rousseau painter from France (1630-1693), FR (b. 1630) link
jean rousseau French musician, FR (b. 1644) link
claude bernard rousseau (b. 1648) link
picture of jean-jacques rousseau jean-jacques rousseau jean-jacques rousseau Genevan philosopher, writer and composer (1712–1778), FR (b. 1712) link
picture of françois rousseau françois rousseau françois rousseau French/German painter, court painter in Bonn, Germany (1717-1804), DE (b. 1717) link
anne-marie catherine rousseau 19 Jul 1668 Ile d'Orléans, Québec - 8 Dec 1749 Montmagny, Québec (b. 1668) link
jacques rousseau (1683-1753), CH (b. 1683) link
picture of jean rousseau jean rousseau jean rousseau French politician (1738-1813), FR (b. 1738) link
picture of claude-louis rousseau claude-louis rousseau claude-louis rousseau FR (b. 1735) link
grégoire rousseau FR (b. 1686) link

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Mr, Jb, Jm, Jj, Ju, Jo, Lv, La, Dj, Do, Da, De, Pa, Ba, Cy, Ch, Ay, Ad, Al, Ms, Ed, and Em