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Forename Brillantes

All over the world, Brillantes (Brillantes Philippines United States Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Indonesia) is a very rare unisex forename. The forename Brillantes is characteristic of South-eastern Asia, particularly Philippines, where it is a very rare gender-neutral name. Much more prevalently, Brillantes is the last name as well as the forename.

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name Brillantes
Brillantes Philippines, United Arab Emirates, United States, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia

Characteristic surnames

Ma, Ben, Bea, Bez, Bon, Kai, Kim, Ray, Ron, Roy, Roz, Rey, Rea, Rex, Rio, Ria, Don, Gil, Con, Aji, Avi, Amy, Al, Pj, Rj, Jo, Jm, Jb, Tj, Ed, Leo, Fe, Mae, Mia, Mya, Sam, Sol, Ana, Ann, Art, May, and Les