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Surname Jb

Cognomen Jb (Jb Myanmar Morocco Indonesia Tunisia France) , in the entire world, is a common surname. The cognomen Jb is habitual in Tunisia, where it is quite a common surname, Brunei, and Morocco, where it is quite a rare surname. In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in Morocco, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Likewise, Jb is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Jb Myanmar, Morocco, France, Tunisia, Indonesia

Notable namesakes

picture of blocboy jb blocboy jb blocboy jb American rapper, US (b. 1996) link
usman sayogi jb Indonesian politician (born 1965), ID (b. 1965) link
marc jb British record producer link
abraham muwanguzi jb researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0002-5223-7857 link