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Surname Sol

Last name Sol (Sol Spain Mexico India South Korea Paraguay, Sole Spain Mexico India Paraguay Philippines, 솔 South Korea, and others...) , throughout the world, is a common cognomen. The surname Sol is characteristic of El Salvador, where it is quite a common surname, Spain, and Guatemala (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, the name is most common in Spain, Mexico, and India. Also, Sol is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Sol

Nomographic illustration
Sol Paraguay, Spain, South Korea, India, Mexico
Sole Paraguay, Philippines, Spain, India, Mexico
South Korea
סול Israel
سول Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia
Solve France, Venezuela, Spain, India, Mexico
ソル Japan
Сол Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia
Соль Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan

Notable namesakes

sol juk hwa (b. 1001) link
jean-jacques sol French politician, FR (b. 1751) link
pierre sol-beauclair FR (b. 1754) link
picture of joan sol i ortega joan sol i ortega joan sol i ortega Spanish politician (1849-1913), ES (b. 1849) link
picture of jan sol jan sol jan sol Dutch musician, NL (b. 1872) link
romà sol i mestre Catalan lawyer and politician, ES (b. 1870) link
picture of mila del sol mila del sol mila del sol Filipino actress (1923-2020), PH (b. 1923) link
eugène sol French historian, FR (b. 1877) link
ed sol Dutch footballer (1881-1965), NL (b. 1881) link
picture of luis del sol luis del sol luis del sol Spanish footballer (1935-2021), ES (b. 1935) link
vicente sol sánchez Spanish politician (1890-1953), ES (b. 1890) link
picture of peggy sol peggy sol peggy sol Argentinian actor, AR (b. 1945) link
picture of juan cruz sol oria juan cruz sol oria juan cruz sol oria Spanish footballer (1947–2020), ES (b. 1947) link
cornelius sol BE (b. 1887) link
picture of armando calderón sol armando calderón sol armando calderón sol President of El Salvador (1948-2017), SV (b. 1948) link