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Surname Don

Surname Don (Don United States India Democratic Republic of the Congo Canada Saudi Arabia, Dom United States India Democratic Republic of the Congo Canada Saudi Arabia, 唐 China, along with others...) , in all the world, is a prevalent family name. The family name Don is characteristic of China, where it is a common surname, Jamaica, where it is quite a common surname, and Brunei (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in China, India, and Saudi Arabia. Much less frequently, Don is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Don

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Don, Dom Canada, United States, India, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Saudi Arabia
ดอน Thailand
دون Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria
ডন Bangladesh
South Korea
Дон Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan

Notable namesakes

picture of godred don godred don godred don King of the Isles, GB (b. 1200) link
picture of don carlos don carlos don carlos Prince of Asturias; eldest child of Philip II of Spain, ES (b. 1545) link
hugh o'connor don Irish soldier (b. 1617) link
alexander don (born 1695) (b. 1695) link
picture of george don george don george don British Napoleonic Wars general, GB (b. 1756) link
george don botanist (1764-1814) (b. 1764) link
maria santa don (born 1774) (b. 1774) link
picture of william don william don william don British actor (b. 1825) link
don bartolomeo, dei principi ruspoli Italian aristocrat (b. 1800) link
picture of laura don laura don laura don American actress and playwright (1852-1886), US (b. 1852) link
picture of alexander don alexander don alexander don Presbyterian minister, missionary, writer, NZ (b. 1857) link
picture of rachel don rachel don rachel don Church and community worker (1866-1941), NZ (b. 1866) link
charles don Australian politician (b. 1820) link
picture of kaye don kaye don kaye don Irish racing driver, IE (b. 1891) link
alan don Dean of Westminster; Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons (1885-1966), GB (b. 1885) link

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