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Surname Sarr

Last name Sarr (Sarr Senegal Gambia Mauritania France Ivory Coast, 자 South Korea, סאר Israel) , across the world, is a widespread family name. The cognomen Sarr is habitual in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Senegal, where it is a prevalent surname, Gambia, where it is a common surname, and Mauritania, where it is quite a common surname (explore the name in all countries). Very seldom, Sarr is the forename as well as the last name.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Sarr

Nomographic illustration
Sarr Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, France, Ivory Coast
South Korea
סאר Israel
Сарр Ukraine, Russia

Last names said to be same

Sàrr, Sãřř, Çarr, Ŝarř, Šařř, Сарьр, שארר, سارر, صارر, サー, and 萨尔

Notable namesakes

picture of amadou babacar sarr amadou babacar sarr amadou babacar sarr French politician, SN (b. 1912) link
picture of ibrahima sarr ibrahima sarr ibrahima sarr Senegalese politician, SN (b. 1915) link
picture of theodore-adrien sarr theodore-adrien sarr theodore-adrien sarr Catholic cardinal, SN (b. 1936) link
kenneth sarr Irish author and judge (b. 1895) link
picture of abdoulaye diouf sarr abdoulaye diouf sarr abdoulaye diouf sarr Senegalese politician, SN (b. 1950) link
picture of alioune sarr alioune sarr alioune sarr Senegalese politician, SN (b. 1955) link
alioune sarr Senegalese historian, SN (b. 1908) link
sam sarr Gambian diplomat, GM (b. 1918) link
picture of abdourahmane sarr abdourahmane sarr abdourahmane sarr Senegalese economist, SN (b. 1968) link
picture of felwine sarr felwine sarr felwine sarr Senegalese writer, economist and musician, SN (b. 1972) link
picture of julia sarr julia sarr julia sarr Senegalese singer, SN link
picture of oulimata sarr oulimata sarr oulimata sarr Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation of Senegal, SN link
samuel jonathan okikiola sarr (b. 1921) link
jacques sarr Senegalese bishop (1934-2011), SN (b. 1934) link
picture of ousmane sarr ousmane sarr ousmane sarr Senegalese footballer, SN (b. 1986) link

Characteristic forenames

Ma, , Mya, Mme, Sal, Sam, , Ale, Mia, Ali, Ana, Abu, Aba, Abi, Aby, Ama, Ami, Aly, Amy, Mot, Max, Mo, Mr, Ms, Sy, Al, Bo, Pa, Mor, Pu, Da, Lo, Tj, El, Fa, Ya, Mam, Pj, and Ams