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Forename Ali

Across the world, Ali (محمد Iraq Egypt Iran Sudan Yemen, علي Iraq Egypt Iran Sudan Yemen, Ali Pakistan India Egypt Turkey Saudi Arabia, along with others...) is a prevalent principally boy's, but very infrequently feminine given name. The given name Ali is habitual in Iraq, where it is a prevalent primarily boy's, but very seldom female name, Egypt, and Syria (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in Egypt, Iraq, and Pakistan. Likewise, Ali is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishAli is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ali

name علی, name Aļĭ, name Ali-, name 'Ali, name Alia, name Aliová, name Aľî, name Αλί, name Alį, name Ałì, name Aļi, name Ali, name Aly, name Aĺí, name محمد, name Adelheid, name Aĺì, name Aĺį, name Aĺï, name Aļí, name Aļï, name Aļį, name Aĺî, name Али, name Aļì, name Aĺĩ, name עלי, name Ad, name Aleksanteri, name アリ, name Alì, name Alī, name อาลี, name Aĺi, name Aŀi, name Aĺı, name Aľi, name على, name Alĭ, name 阿里, name Alí, name Alĩ, name Alı, name Ałi, name Ałí, name Alỉ, name Aŀĭ, name Aļî, name Алі, name Aliou, name Aĺī, name Aļĩ, name Ałî, name Aľį, name Alị, name Aļī, name Alï, name Alî, name Aľì, name Aľí, name Aľï, name علي
محمد, على, علي Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Iran
Ali Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Egypt
Али Russia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia
علی Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Egypt, Iran
עלי Israel
Алі Kazakhstan, Ukraine
อาลี Thailand
アリ Japan
阿里 China
Αλί Greece

First name Ali in the context

Ali is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Ali Baba , the character from the folk tale Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, One Thousand and One Nights; Ali G , the fictional character created by Sacha Baron Cohen, Da Ali G Show; Eli Ayase , the fictional character from Love Live! School Idol Project; Ali , the fictional character from the television series Legends of Tomorrow and Ali , the character from the novel "The Count of Monte Cristo", and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

abul-hasan al-hasan ibn ali Last ruler of Zirid dynasty 1121-1152, MA (b. 1109) link
tachfin ben ali 6th Almoravid king (1143–1145), DZ (b. 1200) link
ishaq ben ali Almoravid Emir (ruled 1147; died 1147), MA (b. 1200) link
malik ghiyath al-din pir ali (b. 1350) link
muzaffar ‛ali Persian painter and calligrapher, IR (b. 1520) link
haider ali (b. 1722) link
mir ghulam ali Indian military commander, IN (b. 1756) link
badar ali (b. 1770) link
tun mutahir bin tun ali Malaysian noble (b. 1803) link
picture of mahboob ali, sir, nizam of hyderabad khan mahboob ali, sir, nizam of hyderabad khan mahboob ali, sir, nizam of hyderabad khan Sixth Nizam of hyderabad (b. 1866) link
umaru bin ali Nigerian traditional ruler, NG (b. 1824) link
safdar ali Christian writer, IN (b. 1830) link
tewabech ali Wife of Emperor of Ethiopia (1831-1858) (b. 1831) link
picture of khwaja yunus ali khwaja yunus ali khwaja yunus ali 20th-century Sufi saint (b. 1886) link
picture of mir laiq ali mir laiq ali mir laiq ali Prime Minister of Hyderabad State, IN (b. 1903) link