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Surname Lambot

Surname Lambot (แกะ Thailand, 兰博 China, Lambot Philippines Belgium France Indonesia Estonia) , across the world, is quite a rare family name. The last name Lambot is habitual in Belgium, where it is quite a rare surname, Estonia, and Luxembourg. In absolute terms, this name is the most popular in Philippines, Belgium, and France. Very seldom, Lambot is the forename as well as the last name.

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แกะ Thailand
兰博 China
Lambot Belgium, Estonia, Philippines, Indonesia, France

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Notable namesakes

picture of joseph-louis lambot joseph-louis lambot joseph-louis lambot French materials scientist, FR (b. 1814) link
picture of firmin lambot firmin lambot firmin lambot cyclist (1886-1964), BE (b. 1886) link
émile lambot Belgian architect, BE (b. 1860) link
julius lambot Estonian politician, EE (b. 1866) link
cyrille lambot Belgian Benedictine (1900-1968), BE (b. 1900) link
isobel lambot British crime writer (1926-2001), GB (b. 1926) link
bernard lambot (b. 1949) link
karli lambot Estonian entrepreneur and orienteer, EE (b. 1970) link
michel lambot (b. 1960) link
laurie lambot researcher link
agnes lambot - Bef 3 Dec 1458 link
fabrice lambot French film producer, FR link
benjamin lambot Belgian footballer, BE (b. 1987) link
achille lambot link
francy lambot BE link

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