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Forename Bill

Across the world, Bill (Bill United States Canada Australia China Kenya, Bille United States Australia Canada Kenya Cameroon, بيل Iraq Sudan Egypt Syria Algeria, along with others...) is a widespread boy's first name. The forename Bill is characteristic of Canada, where it is quite a common male name, Guam, and Australia (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Much less frequently, Bill is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Bill

name Vilém, name Guillermo, name Pila, name Bila, name Bilder, name Guillen, name Ghilherme, name Bil, name Bïll, name William, name Billey, name Bulla, name Guglielmo, name Rick, name Guilherme, name Vilmos, name Bıll, name Bile, name Dick, name Gulielmus, name Bull, name Wilhelm, name Will, name Willo, name Уильям, name Bili, name Билль, name Wildi, name Biel, name Billy, name Bulle, name Gwilym, name Bîll, name Wiliam, name Guillén, name ビル, name Wm., name Pili, name بيل, name Billington, name Viljem, name Bīll, name Vilem, name Twibill, name 比尔, name Wilde, name Билл, name Bille, name Bìll, name Willem, name Gwilherm, name Guillem, name Bįll, name Wilhelm Carl, name Bíll, name Guillaume, name ביל, name Wille, name Bill
Bill Australia, Canada, Kenya, United States, China
Bille Australia, Canada, Kenya, Cameroon, United States
بيل Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Algeria
比尔 China
ビル Japan
Уильям Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Russia, Kyrgyzstan
Билл Russia
ביל Israel
Билль Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan

First name Bill in the context

Bill is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Captain Marvel , the fictional DC character, Batman: The Brave and the Bold; Bill Sykes , the antagonist from Disney's Oliver & Company; Billy Malone , the fictional character from the television series Arrow; William Riker , the fictional character in Star Trek and Bill Weasley , character in Harry Potter, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of bill clift bill clift bill clift British jockey, GB (b. 1762) link
picture of bill richmond bill richmond bill richmond American boxer (1763-1829), US (b. 1763) link
picture of bill johnston bill johnston bill johnston American pirate (1782-1870), US (b. 1782) link
picture of bill arp bill arp bill arp writer, newspaper editor, politician (1826-1903), US (b. 1826) link
picture of gurdon bill gurdon bill gurdon bill politician in Massachusetts, US (1827–1916), US (b. 1827) link
bill arnull British jockey (b. 1785) link
picture of ledyard bill ledyard bill ledyard bill politician in Massachusetts, US; 1836-1907, US (b. 1836) link
picture of bill yeatman bill yeatman bill yeatman American baseball player, US (b. 1839) link
picture of bill craver bill craver bill craver Major League Baseball player, manager, US (b. 1844) link
picture of bill lennon bill lennon bill lennon Major League Baseball player, manager, US (b. 1845) link
picture of buffalo bill buffalo bill buffalo bill American frontiersman and showman (1846-1917), US (b. 1846) link
picture of bill miner bill miner bill miner American outlaw, US (b. 1847) link
picture of bill parks bill parks bill parks Major League Baseball player, manager, US (b. 1849) link
picture of bill beach bill beach bill beach Australian professional sculler (1850—1935), AU (b. 1850) link
picture of bill farnan bill farnan bill farnan Australian boxer, AU (b. 1851) link

Characteristic surnames

Lee, Bailey, Rogers, Taylor, Thomas, Turner, Nelson, Harris, Walker, Wilson, Wright, Stewart, Collins, Roberts, Jackson, Johnson, Edwards, Mitchell, Anderson, Campbell, Phillips, Robinson, Murphy, Murray, Miller, Morris, Cook, King, Gray, Hall, Wood, Moore, Scott, Smith, Allen, Adams, Thompson, Clark, Brown, Kelly, Davis, Green, Lewis, Jones, Evans, White, Young, Martin, Baker, and Williams