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Surname Kemppainen

Cognomen Kemppainen (Kemppainen Finland United States Sweden Canada Estonia, Кемппайнен Russia) , in the world, is quite a common family name. The last name Kemppainen is characteristic of Northern Europe, particularly Finland, where it is a common surname, Estonia, where it is quite a rare surname, and Sweden. In absolute terms, the name is most common in Finland, the United States, and Sweden.

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Nomographic illustration
Kemppainen Finland, Sweden, Canada, Estonia, United States
Кемппайнен Russia

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Notable namesakes

picture of jaakko kemppainen jaakko kemppainen jaakko kemppainen Finnish lawyer and member of parliament (1904-1988), FI (b. 1904) link
yrjö kemppainen Finnish journalist, FI (b. 1881) link
eino kemppainen Finnish poet, FI (b. 1883) link
juho kemppainen Finnish journalist, FI (b. 1884) link
väinö kemppainen Finnish actor and theater manager, FI (b. 1889) link
aarno kemppainen FI (b. 1886) link
efraim kemppainen FI (b. 1888) link
picture of joonas kemppainen joonas kemppainen joonas kemppainen Finnish ice hockey player, FI (b. 1988) link
heikki kemppainen Finnish politician, FI (b. 1944) link
pentti kemppainen Finnish journalist, FI (b. 1945) link
kirsti kemppainen Finnish actor (1946-1997), FI (b. 1946) link
arvo kemppainen Finnish politician, FI (b. 1946) link
hannu kemppainen Finnish politician, FI (b. 1951) link
marja-leena kemppainen Finnish politician, FI (b. 1956) link
tero kemppainen Finnish association football player and futsal player, FI (b. 1968) link

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Mr, Roy, Rea, Deb, Dan, Lea, Jon, Joy, Ron, Tom, Tim, Nea, Esa, Eva, Htm, Fay, Ira, Tea, Rob, Rod, , Ms, Max, Mia, Sue, Ana, Ann, Anu, Ari, Ami, Amy, Aki, Aku, Cam, Kai, Kim, Kia, Pia, Ida, and Wil