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Forename Denis

Globally, Denis (Denis France Brazil Tanzania Kenya Canada, Денис Russia France Ukraine Belarus Brazil, דניס Israel, and others...) is a prevalent boy's forename. The given name Denis is characteristic of Ukraine, where it is a common male name, France, and Russia (explore the name in all countries). Very seldom, Denis is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishDenis is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Denis

name Dênîs, name Denîs, name Dienes, name Denís, name Dionysios, name Dzyanis, name Dénís, name Dionizij, name Дениз, name Дэнис, name Dènìs, name Dǝnis, name Dionisio, name Dëñïš, name Dionigi, name Денись, name Dienis, name Диниш, name Dionizy, name Ντενις, name Dënis, name Denis, name デニス, name Dionysis, name Dënïs, name Dionysius, name Denys, name Διονύσιος, name Deniss, name دينيس, name Denıs, name Dénes, name Dionís, name Denez, name Dênis, name Дениса, name Deniz, name Dênįs, name Dionisius, name Dinis, name Дениза, name Dionyses, name Denïs, name Dionysus, name Deni, name Διονύσης, name Дени, name Денис, name Dzianis, name Đenis, name Denisa, name Dénis, name דניס, name 丹尼斯, name Dènis, name Dionisios, name Denìs, name Denise, name Dennis
Denis Tanzania, Canada, Kenya, France, Brazil
Денис Ukraine, France, Belarus, Brazil, Russia
דניס Israel
Дени Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia, Kyrgyzstan
デニス Japan
丹尼斯 China
Дэнис Russia, Kyrgyzstan
دينيس Yemen, Palestinian Territory, Algeria
Диниш Ukraine, Bulgaria

First name Denis in the context

Denis is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Denise Mahoney , the fictional character from the television series Scrubs; Denise Huxtable , the fictional character from the American sitcom The Cosby Show; Denise Laroque , the character in 'Allo 'Allo!; Denise Sherwood , the fictional character, Army Wives and Spirit , the fictional character, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of denis denis denis 3rd-century Bishop of Paris and saint (b. 201) link
denis piramus Anglo-Norman Benedictine monk and poet, FR (b. 1150) link
denis of hungary Hungarian-born 13th century Aragonese knight and nobleman (b. 1210) link
denis péc Palatine of the Kingdom of Hungary (b. 1220) link
denis türje Palatine of Hungary (b. 1228) link
picture of denis de glouchitsa denis de glouchitsa denis de glouchitsa painter (1363-1437) (b. 1363) link
picture of denis du moulin denis du moulin denis du moulin - 15 Sep 1447, FR (b. 1380) link
picture of denis of braganza, count of lemos denis of braganza, count of lemos denis of braganza, count of lemos Portuguese nobleman, son of Ferdinand II, Duke of Braganza, Count consort of Lemos (1481-1516) (b. 1481) link
picture of denis briçonnet denis briçonnet denis briçonnet FR (b. 1479) link
picture of denis henrion denis henrion denis henrion French mathematician, FR (b. 1501) link
picture of denis jamet denis jamet denis jamet Franciscan friar and missionary to Canada (b. 1505) link
picture of denis lambin denis lambin denis lambin French classical scholar, FR (b. 1519) link
denis roce French printer (fl. 1490-1517?), FR (b. 1490) link
denis zachaire French alchemist, FR (b. 1510) link
picture of denis lebey de batilly denis lebey de batilly denis lebey de batilly (b. 1551) link