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Forename Dubois

In all the world, Dubois (Dubois France United States Belgium Canada Ivory Coast, デュボワ Japan, Дюбуа Russia Ukraine) is quite a rare unisex forename. The given name Dubois is characteristic of Cameroon, where it is quite a rare masculine name, Belgium, where it is quite a rare epicene name, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where it is a rare gender-neutral name. In absolute terms, it is commonest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, and France. Predominantly, Dubois is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Dubois

name Bois, name Duboís, name ดูบัวส์, name דובואה, name Du Bois, name Буа, name Дубоис, name Dubois, name Дюбуа, name بوا, name Dubóis, name Dubois, name デュボワ
Dubois Canada, France, United States, Belgium, Ivory Coast
デュボワ Japan
Дюбуа Russia, Ukraine
דובואה Israel

First name Dubois in the context

Dubois is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Dubois , the theatrical character in the play "Les Fausses Confidences" and Dubois , the musical character in the musical The Dancing Mistress; an adventurer financing the Baron.

Notable namesakes

chretien dubois (1597-1655) (b. 1597) link
toussaint dubois American soldier (b. 1762) link
lorenz friedrich dubois (b. 1767) link
patterson dubois (b. 1847) link
picture of hughes dubois hughes dubois hughes dubois Belgian photographer, BE (b. 1957) link
page dubois Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, US (b. 1946) link
b. dubois researcher link
dubois dubois researcher link
hanna dubois researcher link
lewis dubois American military commander link
swan dubois researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0003-2320-6178 (b. 1985) link
dufaut et dubois link
fletcher dubois DE link

Characteristic surnames

Ma, Di, Da, De, Pj, Pa, Ka, Bj, Bo, Dj, Ba, Aj, Ad, An, Al, Sa, Ms, Mr, Mo, Ca, and La