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Surname الحجي

Surname الحجي (الحجي Iraq Syria Saudi Arabia Yemen Jordan) , in the entire world, is a common last name. The surname الحجي is characteristic of Western Asia, particularly Iraq, where it is quite a common surname, Syria, and Jordan (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, this name is the most popular in Western Asia, particularly Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Much less frequently, الحجي is the forename as well as the last name.

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الحجي Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia

Last names said to be same

El Hadji

Notable namesakes

حمد الحجي Saudi Arabian poet, SA (b. 1939) link
محمد الحجي Saudi Arabian actor, SA (b. 1973) link
طاهر الحجي Saudi Arabian association football player, SA link
حسن الحجي association football player, SA (b. 1987) link

Characteristic forenames

ام, سمر, سعد, سجو, سحر, حسن, حبش, حجي, حمد, حقي, حنش, حلا, رضا, رضه, رجب, رشا, رعد, رغد, ريم, رنا, رهف, شهد, سيف, شمس, سيد, بدر, طه, انس, ايه, اوس, ابو, اسد, ادم, اخو, عبد, عبو, عدي, علي, على, علا, عمر, عمو, عمي, عمك, عيد, عوض, عون, بكر, and جدو