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Forename عوض

Throughout the world, عوض (عوض Sudan Egypt Yemen Saudi Arabia Jordan, Awad Egypt Sudan Saudi Arabia Lebanon Syria, Awadh Egypt Saudi Arabia India United Arab Emirates Jordan) is a widespread masculine first name. The first name عوض is habitual in Sudan, where it is a common male name, Saudi Arabia, where it is quite a common masculine name, and Libya (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in Sudan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Also, عوض is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name عوض

name Awad, name Avad, name عوض, name Awd, name Awadh
عوض Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia
Awad, Awd Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia
Awadh United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia

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Notable namesakes

picture of عوض حیدرپور شهرضایی عوض حیدرپور شهرضایی عوض حیدرپور شهرضایی Iranian politician and physician, IR (b. 1954) link
picture of عوض بن خزيم الأسمري عوض بن خزيم الأسمري عوض بن خزيم الأسمري SA (b. 1959) link
بدوي عبد اللطيف عوض EG (b. 1911) link
picture of عوض الدرمكي عوض الدرمكي عوض الدرمكي an Emirati poet, lecturer and writer, KW link
عوض دوخي Kuwaiti singer, KW (b. 1932) link
عوض أحمد حميدان YE (b. 1925) link
عوض سعود عوض writer and journalist, IL (b. 1943) link
عوض المر EG (b. 1933) link
عوض خليفات politician, JO (b. 1945) link
عوض خليفات Jordanian politician, JO (b. 1945) link
عوض سالم سعيد باوزير Yemeni politician, YE (b. 1953) link
عوض عبد النبى عوض Egyptian basketball player (1953-), EG (b. 1953) link
عوض السقطري Yemeni politician, YE (b. 1957) link
عوض القرني Saudi Arabian cleric, SA (b. 1957) link
عوض عبد الله Saudi Arabian actor, SA (b. 1963) link