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Forename اسد

Around the world, اسد (Asad Pakistan Bangladesh India Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates, اسد Iraq Iran Egypt Syria Libya) is a widespread male first name. The forename اسد is characteristic of Pakistan, where it is a common boy's name, Libya, and Oman, where it is quite a common principally masculine, but very seldom female name (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is commonest in Pakistan, India, and Saudi Arabia. Much less frequently, اسد is the last name as well as the forename.

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name اسد, name Esed, name Asad
Asad Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India
اسد Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya

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Notable namesakes

picture of اسد الله حسین پور اسد الله حسین پور اسد الله حسین پور iranian military commander, IR (b. 1882) link
picture of اسد ملتانی اسد ملتانی اسد ملتانی PK (b. 1902) link
picture of اسد محمد خان اسد محمد خان اسد محمد خان PK (b. 1932) link
picture of اسد رؤف اسد رؤف اسد رؤف Pakistani cricketer, PK (b. 1956) link
picture of اسد عمر اسد عمر اسد عمر politician in Pakistan, PK (b. 1961) link
picture of اسد الله وفا اسد الله وفا اسد الله وفا Afghan governor, AF link
picture of اسد شفیق اسد شفیق اسد شفیق Pakistani cricketer, PK (b. 1986) link
اسد الله سروري Afghanistani politician, AF (b. 1941) link
اسد الرحمان Pakistani politician, PK (b. 1942) link
اسد جہانگیر cricketer, PK (b. 1945) link
اسد امانت علی خان Pakistani singer, PK (b. 1955) link
اسد الله بها AF (b. 1949) link
اسد ملک Pakistani film and television actor, PK link
اسد علی تور Pakistani journalist, PK link
اسد آفریدی cricketer, PK link