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Forename رنا

All over the world, رنا (Rana India Bangladesh Pakistan Egypt Nepal, رنا Iraq Egypt Palestinian Territory Syria Jordan, Rna India Bangladesh Pakistan Egypt Saudi Arabia) is a prevalent epicene first name. The first name رنا is habitual in Western Asia, particularly Lebanon, where it is a common female name, Syria, and Oman, where it is a common primarily male, but very infrequently female name (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, the name is most common in Pakistan, India, and Egypt. Likewise, رنا is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name رنا

name Rana, name رعنا, name 拉纳, name رنا, name राणा, name Rena, name Rəna, name Rna
Rana Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Pakistan, India
رنا Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Palestinian Territory, Syria
Rna Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia
Rəna Azerbaijan

First names said to be same

Rena, رعنا, राणा, and 拉纳

First name رنا in the context

رنا is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Rana Desai , the literary character.

Notable namesakes

picture of رنا صدام حسين رنا صدام حسين رنا صدام حسين Daughter of Saddam Hussein, IQ (b. 1969) link
picture of رنا رسلان رنا رسلان رنا رسلان Arab-Israeli model who resides in Dubai, UAE; Miss Israel 1999, IL (b. 1977) link
picture of رنا القليوبى رنا القليوبى رنا القليوبى Egyptian-American computer scientist and entrepreneur, EG (b. 1978) link
picture of رنا جعفر ياسين رنا جعفر ياسين رنا جعفر ياسين Iraqi poet, IQ (b. 1980) link
picture of رنا التونسى رنا التونسى رنا التونسى Egyptian novelist and poet, EG (b. 1981) link
picture of رنا شميس رنا شميس رنا شميس Syrian actress, LB (b. 1984) link
picture of رنا الدجاني رنا الدجاني رنا الدجاني Jordanian biologist, and academic, JO link
رنا قبَّاني British Syrian cultural historian, writer and broadcaster, GB (b. 1958) link
رنا عبد الرحيم قليلات banker accused of being at the head of Lenanon's biggest banking scandal, LB (b. 1967) link
رنا الحسيني Jordanian journalist, JO (b. 1969) link
رنا قيردار سندي Iraqi socialite, IQ (b. 1969) link
رنا نجم Lebanese journalist, LB (b. 1973) link
رنا جمول actor, SY (b. 1974) link
رنا العظم Syrian actor, SY (b. 1975) link
رنا سلطان Jordanian actress, JO (b. 1977) link

Characteristic surnames

انا, يوسف, العلي, حمدان, شاهين, محمود, مصطفي, مصطفى, منصور, ياسين, الحربي, الشمري, الشهري, الخطيب, المصري, النجار, سليمان, العبيدي, العتيبي, الغامدي, ابراهيم, اسماعيل, وليد, عبدالله, ناصر, محمد, علي, على, عمر, سعد, حسن, احمد, عباس, عادل, عماد, عيسى, عوده, سالم, سعيد, حسين, رنوش, جمال, خالد, خليل, أحمد, صالح, صلاح, موسى, and القحطاني