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Forename Ruy

Around the globe, Ruy (Ruy Brazil Mexico Portugal France Mozambique, روي Sudan Iraq Egypt Lebanon Saudi Arabia, ルイ Japan, and others...) is a common primarily masculine, but scarcely female given name. The forename Ruy is habitual in Brazil, where it is quite a rare boy's name, Portugal, and Sudan, where it is quite a rare dominantly female, but uncommonly masculine name. In absolute terms, the name is most common in Brazil, Sudan, and Mexico. Also, Ruy is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ruy

name Roderik, name Rúrik, name Rui, name រូយ, name Ruy, name รุญ, name 拉莫斯, name Roderigo, name Родерик, name Rùy, name รุ้ย, name Rodrigo, name Roue, name Řûý, name רודריגו, name Ruderico, name Руи, name رودريغو, name Roderick, name روي, name רוי, name รุย, name 鲁伊, name Руы, name رودريك, name Родриго, name Roderyk, name อรุญ, name Рурик, name ロデリック, name 瑞伊, name ルイ, name Руй, name รุยอ
Ruy Mozambique, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, France
روي Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sudan
ルイ Japan
רוי Israel
Руи Ukraine, Russia
Руй Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia

First name Ruy in the context

Ruy is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Ruy Pérez de Viedma , character in Don Quixote; Roy Harper , the DC Comics character, Arrow; Roy Mustang , the character in Fullmetal Alchemist; Roy Harper , the fictional character from the television series Arrow and Ruy Blas , the musical character in the musical Ruy Blas and the Blase Roue, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

ruy fernández de tovar (b. 1201) link
ruy páez de biedma (b. 1250) link
picture of ruy gonzález de clavijo ruy gonzález de clavijo ruy gonzález de clavijo Spanish traveller and writer, ES (b. 1400) link
ruy díaz de rojas (b. 1345) link
ruy pérez ii de villegas ES (b. 1350) link
ruy páez de ribera ES (b. 1370) link
ruy díaz de la vega (b. 1400) link
picture of ruy díaz de isla ruy díaz de isla ruy díaz de isla ES (b. 1462) link
ruy martins de moraes (b. 1430) link
picture of ruy diaz melgarejo ruy diaz melgarejo ruy diaz melgarejo Spanish explorer, ES (b. 1519) link
ruy páez de ribera ES (b. 1460) link
picture of ruy lópez de segura ruy lópez de segura ruy lópez de segura Spanish priest and chess player, ES (b. 1530) link
ruy gonzález ES (b. 1488) link
ruy lópez de villalobos Spanish explorer, ES (b. 1500) link
ruy díaz de guzmán Paraguayan explorer, PY (b. 1559) link

Characteristic surnames

Melo, Vieira, Martins, Marques, Machado, Miranda, Almeida, Andrade, Barbosa, Pereira, Ribeiro, Freitas, Fonseca, Silveira, Carvalho, Pinheiro, Teixeira, Ferreira, Oliveira, Rodrigues, Guimaraes, Goncalves, Junior, Barros, Correa, Campos, Cruz, Reis, Dias, Lima, Neto, Silva, Souza, Alves, Costa, Cunha, Fernandes, Pinto, Rocha, Gomes, Lopes, Nunes, Filho, Moraes, Santos, Soares, Araujo, Castro, Ramos, and Nascimento