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Surname Cunha

Surname Cunha (Cunha Brazil Portugal Angola United States France, קוניה Israel, Кунья Ukraine) , in all the world, is a widespread cognomen. The cognomen Cunha is characteristic of Portugal, where it is a widespread surname, Brazil, where it is a common surname, and Cabo Verde (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in Brazil, Portugal, and Angola.

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Nomographic illustration
Cunha Portugal, France, Brazil, United States, Angola
קוניה Israel
Кунья Ukraine

Notable namesakes

paio guterres da cunha (b. 1067) link
gonçalo martins da cunha (b. 1240) link
martim vasques da cunha Portuguese nobleman (1357-1417) (b. 1357) link
álvaro da cunha, senhor de pombeiro Portuguese nobleman (b. 1371) link
gonçalo vasques da cunha (b. 1367) link
picture of nuno da cunha nuno da cunha nuno da cunha Portuguese colonial administrator, ZA (b. 1487) link
álvaro soares da cunha Portuguese nobility, PT (b. 1466) link
picture of rodrigo da cunha rodrigo da cunha rodrigo da cunha Archbishop of Lisboa, PT (b. 1577) link
simão da cunha Portuguese missionary (b. 1589) link
domingos da cunha Portuguese painter (1598-1644), PT (b. 1598) link
francisco de vasconcelos da cunha (b. 1590) link
picture of d. luís da cunha d. luís da cunha d. luís da cunha Ambassador of Portugal (1662-1749), PT (b. 1662) link
antónio álvares da cunha Portuguese politician; (1626-1690), PT (b. 1626) link
joão nunes da cunha PT (b. 1619) link
picture of antônio álvares da cunha antônio álvares da cunha antônio álvares da cunha Brazilian colonial administrator; (1700-1791), PT (b. 1700) link

Characteristic forenames

Ma, Lo, Li, Le, Ge, Gu, Dy, Dj, Di, Da, De, Lu, Ro, Ka, Ca, Ad, Al, Sy, Su, Si, Ms, Mr, Mi, Ph, and Jo