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Forename María

Across the world, María (Maria Brazil Mexico Argentina Poland Italy, Мария Brazil Mexico Poland Russia Italy, María Brazil Mexico Argentina Italy United States, and others...) is a prevalent feminine first name. The given name María is characteristic of Mexico, where it is a prevalent female name, Greece, and Argentina (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. Much less frequently, María is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishMaría is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name María

name Marika, name Maris., name Mariá, name Maryia, name Maryja, name Maíri, name Mair, name Moire, name 마리아, name My, name Máro, name Marista, name Marija, name Maryya, name Mária, name Μαρία, name Μαρί, name María Jesús, name マリア, name Maria Cristina, name Mary, name Mª, name Meryeme, name 瑪麗亞, name Muire, name María, name Mareye, name Mari, name Maritsa, name María José, name Marie, name Marys., name Maro, name María Magdalena, name Ma., name Marigo, name Mèrí, name ماريا, name Marjatta, name Marià, name Marja, name Mieri, name Mary Jane, name Maroula, name Purificacion, name Maria, name מריה, name Marisol, name Mariya, name Maruxa, name Marigó, name Μάρω, name Μαίρη, name Marjo, name Meri, name Мария, name Madono, name Mariia, name Méri
Maria Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Poland, Mexico
Мария Italy, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Mexico
María Argentina, Italy, Brazil, United States, Mexico
ماريا Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria
מריה Israel
マリア Japan
Μαρία Greece
마리아 South Korea
瑪麗亞 China

First name María in the context

María is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Virgin Mary , the religious figure; mother of Jesus of Nazareth, Paul et Virginie; Marie-Josephte Corriveau , the murderer and well-known figure in Québécois folklore, The Golden Dog; Lisa Simpson , the fictional character from The Simpsons franchise; Bella Swan , the character and the protagonist of the Twilight series and María Lionza , the Venezuelan female deity, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

maría barzola sindicalista boliviana (b. 1000) link
maría pérez wife of Ermengol V, ES (b. 1100) link
picture of maría de cervellón maría de cervellón maría de cervellón catholic saint and superior of the Third Order of Mercedarians, ES (b. 1230) link
picture of maría alonso coronel maría alonso coronel maría alonso coronel (b. 1267) link
maría alfonso de león (b. 1220) link
maría de meneses (1250-1300), ES (b. 1250) link
picture of maría peres maría peres maría peres Galician troubadour, ES (b. 1300) link
maría de aragón y hungría (b. 1247) link
picture of maría de padilla maría de padilla maría de padilla Mistress of Peter of Castile, ES (b. 1334) link
maría embriaco CY (b. 1274) link
picture of maría fernández coronel maría fernández coronel maría fernández coronel ES (b. 1334) link
maría de aragón Aragonese infanta, ES (b. 1299) link
maría enríquez de castilla (b. 1301) link
maría garcía de toledo ES (b. 1340) link
picture of maría de castilla maría de castilla maría de castilla Queen consort of Aragon and Naples, ES (b. 1401) link

Characteristic surnames

Cruz, Morales, Mendoza, Suárez, Alvarez, Delgado, García, Navarro, Herrera, Martinez, Sánchez, Castillo, Ramírez, Gonzalez, Jiménez, Vázquez, Álvarez, Martínez, Rodriguez, González, Rodríguez, Gutiérrez, Martín, Flores, Vargas, Torres, Ruiz, Vega, Silva, Perez, Ramos, Rojas, Reyes, Díaz, León, José, Hernández, Ortiz, Molina, Medina, Muñoz, Castro, Pérez, Romero, Rivera, Garcia, Gómez, López, Moreno, and Fernández