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Surname Reyes

Last name Reyes (Reyes Mexico Philippines United States Colombia Guatemala, رييس Yemen, Реес Russia Ukraine Kazakhstan, along with others...) , throughout the world, is a prevalent cognomen. The family name Reyes is characteristic of Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly Honduras, where it is a prevalent surname, Nicaragua, where it is a widespread surname, and the Dominican Republic (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Mexico, Philippines, and the United States. Very seldom, Reyes is the forename as well as the last name.

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Nomographic illustration
Reyes Colombia, Philippines, United States, Mexico, Guatemala
رييس Yemen
Реес Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
Рейес Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
רייס Israel

Notable namesakes

baltasar de los reyes ES (b. 1606) link
ambrosio arce de los reyes Spanish writer, ES (b. 1621) link
juan de los reyes Spanish missionary (b. 1652) link
antonio gonzalez de reyes (b. 1674) link
françois joseph antoine de los reyes bishop of the Roman Catholic Church (b. 1694) link
picture of mercedes abrego de reyes mercedes abrego de reyes mercedes abrego de reyes Colombian independence movement heroine, CO (b. 1770) link
antonio de los reyes Roman Catholic bishop, ES (b. 1729) link
picture of andrés reyes andrés reyes andrés reyes Peruvian politician, PE (b. 1780) link
picture of salvador josé reyes garcía de lara salvador josé reyes garcía de lara salvador josé reyes garcía de lara Roman Catholic archbishop, ES (b. 1780) link
picture of josé trinidad reyes josé trinidad reyes josé trinidad reyes National Hero of Honduras, HN (b. 1797) link
juan francisco reyes soldier from Mexico, ES (b. 1749) link
picture of josé maría reyes josé maría reyes josé maría reyes Argentinian military personnel (1803-1864), AR (b. 1803) link
picture of antonino reyes antonino reyes antonino reyes Argentinian military personnel, AR (b. 1813) link
picture of serapio reyes serapio reyes serapio reyes Bolivian politician (1822-1900), BO (b. 1822) link
picture of alejandro reyes alejandro reyes alejandro reyes Chilean lawyer and politician, CL (b. 1825) link

Characteristic forenames

Ma, Ad, Ab, Ar, An, Al, Sk, Sy, So, Se, Su, Si, Sa, Mg, Ms, Mr, My, Mu, Mi, Mo, As, and Ak