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Forename Johnny

Around the world, Johnny (Johnny United States Philippines Brazil Nigeria Peru, جوني Iraq Syria Sudan Egypt Algeria, ジョニー Japan, along with others...) is a widespread male forename. The first name Johnny is characteristic of Costa Rica, where it is a common boy's name, Macao, where it is quite a common boy's name, and Hong Kong (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is the most numerous in the United States, Philippines, and Brazil. Much less frequently, Johnny is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Johnny

name Evan, name Jean, name Johannes, name Ivashka, name Iwo, name Jehan, name Джонни, name Hannes, name Jack, name Joao, name Ivano, name Johannès, name Johano, name Giuàn, name Honza, name Iván, name Ivans, name Ieuan, name Joannes, name Džons, name Ioannes, name Ivan, name John, name Ioann, name Giovanni, name ג'וני, name Gian, name Ianka, name Janka, name Ioannis, name Hans, name Iwan, name Joan, name Janos, name Jaan, name Jogvan, name 约翰尼, name Honsa, name Giannis, name Ioan, name جوني, name Johan, name Johnny, name Erwann, name Johann, name Jhoao, name Gianni, name Huans, name Hanns, name Ivo, name Джонні, name Ifan, name Giovan, name Jan, name ジョニー, name Ion, name ჯონი, name Ian
Johnny Peru, Philippines, Brazil, United States, Nigeria
جوني Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Algeria
ジョニー Japan
ג'וני Israel
约翰尼 China
Джонни Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine
Джонні Ukraine
ჯონი Georgia

First name Johnny in the context

Johnny is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Tarzan , the fictional character from Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan and the Lion Man; Dr. John Watson , the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes; Dick Grayson , the one of several fictional characters using the identity Robin, Batman & Robin; Johnny Cage , the player character of Mortal Kombat and Johnny Gat , the recurring character of the Saints Row video game series, Saints Row: The Third, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of johnny appleseed johnny appleseed johnny appleseed American nurseryman and missionary (1774-1845), US (b. 1774) link
picture of johnny fry johnny fry johnny fry American pony express rider (b. 1840) link
picture of johnny mullagh johnny mullagh johnny mullagh Australian cricketer (1841-1891), AU (b. 1841) link
picture of johnny behan johnny behan johnny behan American sheriff, US (b. 1844) link
picture of johnny ringo johnny ringo johnny ringo US criminal and gunfighter, US (b. 1850) link
picture of johnny burke johnny burke johnny burke Canadian songwriter and balladeer b. 1851, CA (b. 1851) link
picture of johnny walsh johnny walsh johnny walsh American gangster (1852-1883), US (b. 1852) link
picture of johnny ryan johnny ryan johnny ryan American baseball player, US (b. 1853) link
picture of johnny hope johnny hope johnny hope New York burglar, bank robber and pickpocket; he was a member of the Leslie Gang., US (b. 1856) link
picture of johnny graham johnny graham johnny graham Scottish footballer (1857-1927), GB (b. 1857) link
johnny jones New Zealand pioneer (1809-1869), NZ (b. 1809) link
picture of johnny laidlay johnny laidlay johnny laidlay Amateur golfer, GB (b. 1860) link
picture of johnny danvers johnny danvers johnny danvers actor, comedian and music hall performer (b. 1861) link
picture of johnny briggs johnny briggs johnny briggs English cricketer and rugby union footballer (1862-1902), GB (b. 1862) link
johnny broome British boxer (b. 1818) link

Characteristic surnames

Lee, Taylor, Thomas, Torres, Nguyen, Harris, Flores, Walker, Wilson, Wright, Sanchez, Ramirez, Jackson, Johnson, Martinez, Anderson, Robinson, Gonzalez, Gonzales, Thompson, Oliveira, Williams, Garcia, Rivera, Santos, Miller, Chan, Chen, Cruz, King, Tran, Wong, Moore, Silva, Souza, Smith, Rodriguez, Allen, Perez, Ramos, Davis, Green, Lewis, Lopez, Jones, White, Young, Martin, Brown, and Hernandez