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Forename Ifan

All around the world, Ifan (Ivan Mexico Croatia Brazil Indonesia Serbia, Ifan Mexico Brazil Indonesia United States Spain, 伊万 China) is a prevalent masculine first name. The first name Ifan is habitual in Croatia, where it is a prevalent male name, Montenegro, where it is a common boy's name, and Bulgaria (explore the name in all countries). Not in comparison with a country's population, it most frequently occurs in Mexico, Croatia, and Brazil. Very seldom, Ifan is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Ifan

name Evan, name Jean, name Johannes, name Ivashka, name Iwo, name Jehan, name Hannes, name Jack, name Joao, name Ivano, name Johannès, name Johano, name Giuàn, name Honza, name Iván, name Ivans, name Ieuan, name Joannes, name Džons, name I-Fan, name Ioannes, name John, name Ivan, name Ioann, name Giovanni, name Gian, name Ianka, name Janka, name Ioannis, name Hans, name Iwan, name Joan, name Janos, name Jaan, name Jogvan, name Honsa, name Giannis, name Ioan, name Johan, name Johnny, name Erwann, name Johann, name Jhoao, name Gianni, name Huans, name Hanns, name Ivo, name Ifan, name Giovan, name Jan, name 伊万, name Ion, name Ифан, name Ian
Ivan Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Serbia, Croatia
Ifan Spain, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Indonesia
伊万 China
Ифан Russia

First name Ifan in the context

Ifan is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Ivan Orav , the ultra-patriotic fictional character created by Andrus Kivirähk, Ivan Orava mälestused; Ivan Vanko , the fictional character from 2010 film 'Iron Man 2'; Ivan Karamazov , the fictional character in novel The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky; Ivan Drago , the fictional Russian boxer from the film Rocky IV and Ivan Steranko , the fictional character in the 2012–2017 animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television series, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

ifan gruffudd poet (c. 1655 - c. 1734), GB (b. 1655) link
picture of ifan ab owen edwards ifan ab owen edwards ifan ab owen edwards founder of Urdd Gobaith Cymru, a Welsh youth movement, GB (b. 1895) link
ifan gruffydd Welsh author, GB (b. 1896) link
ifan kyrle fletcher GB (b. 1905) link
ifan chang (b. 1906) link
ifan g. morris (b. 1920) link
ifan prys edwards Welsh architect and business executive, GB (b. 1942) link
ifan gruffydd Welsh comedian, actor and farmer, GB (b. 1951) link
ifan huw dafydd Welsh actor, GB (b. 1954) link
ifan williams CA (b. 1945) link
ifan g hughes researcher (b. 1968) link
ifan haryanto Indonesian politician (born 1975 in Banyumas), ID (b. 1975) link
ifan ariadna wijaya Indonesian politician (born 1979), ID (b. 1979) link
ifan ap robert Welsh noble link
ifan thomas rhys Welsh poet (fl. mid-18th cent.) link

Characteristic surnames

Ali, Fauzan, Wijaya, Maulana, Sanjaya, Saputra, Susanto, Permana, Pratama, Roberts, Gunawan, Nugraha, Hidayat, Fadilah, Firdaus, Wahyudi, Setiawan, Ramadhan, Hermawan, Fadillah, Williams, Kurniawan, Fanani, Ardiansyah, Hughes, Thomas, Adi, Lin, Syah, Chen, Khan, Ahmad, Chang, Putra, Lewis, Jones, Evans, Fauzi, Shaikh, Sofyan, Ansari, Ahamad, Afandi, Rahman, Davies, Taufik, Taufan, Efendi, and Firmansyah