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Forename Giulia

Around the globe, Giulia (Giulia Italy Brazil Romania United States Germany, جوليا Sudan Syria Iraq Egypt Saudi Arabia, Джулия Russia Azerbaijan Bulgaria Belarus Kazakhstan) is a widespread girly first name. The first name Giulia is habitual in Italy, where it is a common feminine name, Syria, where it is quite a common principally feminine, but very seldom male name, and Reunion, where it is quite a common feminine name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, this name is the most popular in Italy, Brazil, and Sudan. Very seldom, Giulia is the last name as well as the forename.

Jesus fishGiulia is also a name from the Bible. Explore more in our Biblical names portal!

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Giulia

name Julia, name Gïulïa, name Hülya, name Giulietta, name Julianna, name Julyet, name Juliet, name Lia, name Liana, name Giulia, name Giúlia, name Ioulia, name Ouliana, name Τζουλιάνα, name Julija, name Gıulıa, name Julika, name Júlia, name Julieta, name Gìulìa, name Gíulia, name Hulya, name Juliska, name Iuliana, name Lianne, name Julica, name Yuliya, name Julienne, name Iulia, name Giulìa, name Juliane, name ジュリア, name Ulyana, name Joelia, name Jule, name Джулия, name Giuliana, name Iúlia, name Juliette, name Jūlija, name Jülyet, name Liane, name Uljana, name Giùlia, name Julie, name Jûlija, name Ιουλία, name Yulia, name Uliana, name Gìulia, name Gìùlìà, name Giulià, name جوليا, name Juliana
Giulia Romania, Germany, Italy, Brazil, United States
جوليا Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia
Джулия Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan
ジュリア Japan

First name Giulia in the context

Giulia is also a prevalent name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Giulia , the operatic character in the opera Madame Sans-Gêne by Umberto Giordano; laundress; Giulia , the operatic character in the opera Alessandro Severo (Händel); Giulia Mammea , the operatic character in the opera La Salustia by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi; empress mother; Giulia , the operatic character in the opera Il Pompeo by Alessandro Scarlatti; daughter of Giulio Cesare and Giulia , the operatic character in the opera La scala di seta by Gioachino Rossini; Dormont's pupil, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of giulia drusilla giulia drusilla giulia drusilla daughter of emperor Caligula, IT (b. 39) link
giulia colaizzi (b. 1) link
picture of giulia eustochio giulia eustochio giulia eustochio early Christian saint, IT (b. 368) link
picture of giulia della rena giulia della rena giulia della rena Italian Roman Catholic professed member of the Order of Saint Augustine, IT (b. 1319) link
picture of giulia farnese giulia farnese giulia farnese mistress to Pope Alexander VI, IT (b. 1474) link
picture of giulia gonzaga giulia gonzaga giulia gonzaga Italian noblewoman of the Renaissance, IT (b. 1513) link
picture of giulia varano giulia varano giulia varano duchess of Camerino, IT (b. 1523) link
picture of giulia de' medici giulia de' medici giulia de' medici Italian noble, FR (b. 1534) link
picture of giulia ammannati giulia ammannati giulia ammannati Galileo Galilei mother, IT (b. 1538) link
giulia d'aragona Princess of Naples and Marchioness of Montferrat, IT (b. 1492) link
giulia bigolina Italian writer, IT (b. 1518) link
giulia della rovere Marchioness of Montecchio by marriage, IT (b. 1531) link
giulia orsini princess of Bisignano, IT (b. 1550) link
giulia di marco IT (b. 1574) link
giulia boncompagni 1586 Isola di Liri - 4 Apr 1622 Bovino (b. 1586) link

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Rosa, Martins, Martini, Marques, Machado, Moreira, Almeida, Andrade, Colombo, Barbosa, Bianchi, Pereira, Ribeiro, Freitas, Ferrari, Carvalho, Teixeira, Esposito, Ferreira, Oliveira, Rodrigues, Goncalves, Vieira, Fernandes, Romano, Castro, Dias, Lima, Silva, Sousa, Souza, Alves, Conti, Costa, Rossi, Rocha, Ricci, Russo, Gallo, Gomes, Greco, Lopes, Marino, Moraes, Santos, Soares, Araujo, Campos, and Nascimento