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Forename Iuliana

In the world, Iuliana (Iuliana Romania Moldova Italy Russia Spain, Юлиана Russia Moldova Belarus Kazakhstan Uzbekistan, Юляна Russia Bulgaria Ukraine Kyrgyzstan) is a common primarily girly, but very infrequently male first name. The given name Iuliana is characteristic of Eastern Europe, particularly Romania, where it is a common principally feminine, but very seldom male name, Moldova, where it is quite a common girly name, and Russia, where it is quite a rare girly name. Very seldom, Iuliana is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Iuliana

name Julia, name Джулиана, name Hülya, name Джул, name Giulietta, name Julianna, name Julyet, name Lia, name Liana, name Giulia, name Julianne, name Ioulia, name Liāna, name Ouliana, name Τζουλιάνα, name Julija, name Julika, name Júlia, name Julieta, name Юлиана, name Джулианна, name Hulya, name Juliska, name Iuliana, name Lianne, name Julica, name Yuliya, name Julienne, name Iulia, name Τζούλια, name Juliane, name Ulyana, name Liyana, name Joelia, name Jule, name Джулия, name Giuliana, name Iúlia, name Juliette, name Jūlija, name Jülyet, name Иульяна, name Liane, name Uljana, name Юляна, name Julie, name Jûlija, name Lijana, name Джульен, name Yulia, name Джули, name Uliana, name Juliāna, name Juliana
Iuliana Romania, Moldova, Spain, Italy, Russia
Юлиана Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Russia
Юляна Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan
Иульяна Kazakhstan, Russia

First name Iuliana in the context

Iuliana is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Magma , the fictional character in Marvel Comics; Juliane Klein , the fictional character from Margarethe von Trotta's Marianne and Juliane and Juliana Bonner , the character in the novel ''Evan Harrington''.

Notable namesakes

iuliana dale Romanian Righteous Among the Nations, RO (b. 1898) link
picture of iuliana gorea-costin iuliana gorea-costin iuliana gorea-costin Moldovan politician, MD (b. 1957) link
iuliana simon Romanian cross-country skier, RO (b. 1934) link
picture of iuliana buhus iuliana buhus iuliana buhus Romanian rower, RO (b. 1995) link
picture of iuliana țăran iuliana țăran iuliana țăran Romanian canoeist, RO (b. 1995) link
iuliana bucur (b. 1938) link
iuliana hobincu Romanian handball player, RO (b. 1954) link
iuliana enescu Romanian volleyball player, RO (b. 1955) link
iuliana liptak (b. 1950) link
iuliana simonfi (b. 1956) link
iuliana popa researcher (b. 1967) link
iuliana pantelimon Romanian swimmer (b. 1975) link
iuliana cantaragiu Moldovan politician, MD (b. 1975) link
iuliana marciuc (b. 1967) link
iuliana cioculeasa Romanian handball player, RO (b. 1977) link