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Forename Juliette

All over the world, Juliette (Juliette France United States Cameroon Democratic Republic of the Congo Ivory Coast, جوليت Iraq Sudan Egypt Syria Palestinian Territory, جولييت Iraq Sudan Egypt Syria Palestinian Territory, along with others...) is a common girly first name. The first name Juliette is characteristic of Seychelles, where it is a common female name, Reunion, where it is quite a common female name, and France (explore the name in all countries). In absolute terms, it is commonest in France, the United States, and Cameroon. Very seldom, Juliette is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Juliette

name Julia, name Hülya, name Juliëtte, name Джул, name Giulietta, name Julianna, name Julyet, name Juliet, name Lia, name Liana, name Giulia, name Julyetta, name ジュリエット, name Ioulia, name Ouliana, name Τζουλιάνα, name Julija, name Zhulieta, name Julika, name Júlia, name Julieta, name Jùliette, name Hulya, name Juliska, name Iuliana, name Jùliétte, name Lianne, name Julica, name Yuliya, name Julienne, name Iulia, name Julieth, name Juliane, name Τζούλια, name جولييت, name Ulyana, name Joelia, name Juliétte, name Jule, name ג'ולייט, name Giuliana, name Iúlia, name Jūlija, name Juliette, name Jülyet, name جوليت, name Джульетт, name Liane, name Uljana, name Julie, name Jûlija, name Yulia, name Uliana, name Julietté, name Juliana, name Juliètte
Juliette France, Cameroon, United States, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast
جولييت, جوليت Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Palestinian Territory, Syria
ג'ולייט Israel
ジュリエット Japan
Джульетт Russia

First name Juliette in the context

Juliette is also a popular name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Juliet , the fictional character in William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"; Juliette , the operatic character in the opera Roméo et Juliette by Charles Gounod, Roméo et Juliete; Juliette Roux , the fictional human, Le Calvaire; Juliette , the operatic character in the operetta Die Geisha, The Geisha and Juliette Barnes , the fictional character and one of the two leads in the ABC/CMT musical drama series Nashville, and in many other works.

Notable namesakes

picture of juliette récamier juliette récamier juliette récamier French salon-holder, FR (b. 1777) link
picture of juliette martin scott juliette martin scott juliette martin scott c. 1782-1856 (b. 1782) link
picture of juliette colbert de barolo juliette colbert de barolo juliette colbert de barolo 1785-1864, philanthropist woman, FR (b. 1785) link
juliette birouste Danish ballet dancer (b. 1750) link
picture of juliette augusta magill kinzie juliette augusta magill kinzie juliette augusta magill kinzie 19th-century American historian and novelist, US (b. 1806) link
picture of juliette drouet juliette drouet juliette drouet French actress, FR (b. 1806) link
picture of juliette montague cooke juliette montague cooke juliette montague cooke American missionary (1812-1896), US (b. 1812) link
picture of juliette dubufe juliette dubufe juliette dubufe French sculptor, FR (b. 1819) link
picture of juliette fiche juliette fiche juliette fiche MG (b. 1811) link
picture of juliette de robersart juliette de robersart juliette de robersart Belgian woman of letters, BE (b. 1824) link
picture of juliette courbet juliette courbet juliette courbet Gustave Courbet's sister and sitter, FR (b. 1831) link
picture of juliette price juliette price juliette price Danish ballet dancer (1831-1906) (b. 1831) link
juliette d'harcourt 29 Feb 1784 - 18 Sep 1859 Château de Chalmaison (b. 1784) link
juliette toussaint Haitian-American philanthropist (b. 1786) link
picture of juliette adam juliette adam juliette adam Author, feminist, editor, FR (b. 1836) link

Characteristic surnames

Lee, Dupont, Garcia, Joseph, Taylor, Thomas, Nguyen, Harris, Wilson, Sanchez, Dubois, Bernard, Laurent, Lambert, Jackson, Johnson, Martinez, Robinson, Gonzalez, Lefebvre, Fournier, Richard, Durand, Robert, Santos, Rose, Roux, Marie, Moore, Silva, Simon, Smith, Brown, Petit, Davis, Leroy, Lewis, Lopez, James, Jones, Henry, White, Martin, Moreau, Miller, Michel, Williams, and Rodriguez