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Surname Tembe

Last name Tembe (Tembe Mozambique South Africa India Democratic Republic of the Congo Brazil) , in all the world, is a common cognomen. The surname Tembe is characteristic of Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Mozambique, where it is quite a common surname, Eswatini, and South Africa. Measured by absolute frequency, it most frequently occurs in Mozambique, South Africa, and India. Much less frequently, Tembe is the forename as well as the last name.

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Tembe South Africa, Mozambique, Brazil, India, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Notable namesakes

mateus tembe Finnish stage actor, FI (b. 1974) link
waibhav deepak tembe Ph.D. University of Cincinnati 2004 link
nondumiso tembe actress link
mita tembe researcher link
varsha tembe researcher link
antónia rufino cara-alegre tembe politician in Mozambique link
nondumiso tembe South African actress and singer (b. 1987) link
cristina tembe link
yaw tembe link

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