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Surname Plumain

Surname Plumain (Plumain France) , throughout the world, is a rare family name. The last name Plumain is characteristic of Western Europe, particularly France, where it is a rare surname. Much less frequently, Plumain is the forename as well as the last name.

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Plumain France

Notable namesakes

picture of ange-freddy plumain ange-freddy plumain ange-freddy plumain French association football player, FR (b. 1995) link
jacques plumain French serial killer, FR (b. 1973) link
tommy plumain French footballer, FR link

Characteristic forenames

Ms, Sophie, Stella, Stecie, Sylvie, Sylvio, Adrien, Carole, Cyndie, Pascal, Privat, Pierre, Rosine, Roland, Regine, Damien, Didier, Gitana, Laurie, Nadege, Naomie, Nicole, Sandra, Maxime, Malick, Mathis, , Maã, Karl, Paul, Rony, Rudy, Dina, Gary, Lola, Eric, Franck, Sonia, Stacy, Angie, Bryan, Kevin, David, Dylan, Gerty, Jimmy, Tommy, Marine, Steve, and Orlane