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Forename Pascal

In the entire world, Pascal (Pascal France Cameroon Democratic Republic of the Congo Tanzania Germany, باسكال Sudan Syria Lebanon Iraq Palestinian Territory, パスカル Japan, and others...) is a widespread masculine forename. The first name Pascal is characteristic of France, where it is a widespread male name, Cameroon, where it is quite a common primarily male, but very seldom female name, and Belgium, where it is quite a common boy's name (explore the name in all countries). Measured by absolute frequency, it is the most numerous in France, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Cameroon. Very seldom, Pascal is the last name as well as the forename.

Translations, transliterations and names similar to the name Pascal

name Pascàl, name Paschalis, name باسكوال, name Pascual, name Paske, name Paskal, name باسكال, name פסקל, name Pasqual, name Пасцал, name Pascha, name Paschal, name Pascal, name Pascâl, name باسكوالي, name Pascoal, name Πασχάλης, name Pascaĺ, name Pascale, name Pascál, name パスカル, name Páscal, name ปาสคาล, name Паскал, name Паскаль, name Паскуаль, name Pasquale, name Pàscal, name Pàscàl, name Паскуале, name Paszkal, name Paszkál
Pascal Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Cameroon, Germany, Tanzania
باسكال Lebanon, Syria, Palestinian Territory, Iraq, Sudan
パスカル Japan
פסקל Israel
Паскаль Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Kazakhstan

First name Pascal in the context

Pascal is also a name for the fictitious and mythical characters: Pascale De Backer , the fictional character from F.C. De Kampioenen; Pascal , the fictional chameleon from Disney's Tangled; Pascale Sylveste , the Revelation Space fictional character; Pascal , the fictional character from Tales of Graces and Pascal Ertanger , the character in French novel "La Théorie de l'information", among other works.

Notable namesakes

pascal robin sieur du faux French poet, FR (b. 1539) link
pascal du hamel French mathematician (-1565), FR (b. 1550) link
pascal lecocq 1567-1632; Alternative names: Cocq; Gallus; Lecocq; Titles or roles: husband of Françoise Vertunien; botanist; practised medicine, Poitiers (b. 1567) link
pascal collasse French composer (1649-1709), FR (b. 1649) link
pascal mercier 7 Mar 1656 Québec - 29 Oct 1695 St.Joachim-de-Beauce, Québec (b. 1656) link
pascal de la rose French painter, FR (b. 1665) link
picture of pascal paoli pascal paoli pascal paoli Corsican politician, FR (b. 1725) link
picture of pascal-françois-joseph gossellin pascal-françois-joseph gossellin pascal-françois-joseph gossellin French librarian (1751-1830), FR (b. 1751) link
picture of pascal antoine fiorella pascal antoine fiorella pascal antoine fiorella French general, FR (b. 1752) link
pascal faure de beaufort (b. 1712) link
pascal-joseph taskin Belgium-born French harpsichord and piano maker, FR (b. 1723) link
picture of pascal gay pascal gay pascal gay French architect, FR (b. 1775) link
picture of pascal coste pascal coste pascal coste French architect (1787-1879), FR (b. 1787) link
picture of pascal joseph faure pascal joseph faure pascal joseph faure French politician, FR (b. 1798) link
pascal elie French politician, FR (b. 1748) link

Characteristic surnames

Roy, Girard, Leroux, Thomas, Mathieu, Meunier, Müller, Schmidt, Bernard, Richard, Garcia, Garnier, Laurent, Lambert, Lefevre, Vincent, Bertrand, Rousseau, Gauthier, Lefebvre, Fournier, Gautier, Dufour, Dupont, Dubois, Roux, Morel, Morin, Meyer, Simon, Petit, Robin, Denis, David, Leroy, Henry, Weber, Martin, Moreau, Michel, Muller, Bonnet, Perrin, Robert, Durand, Dumont, Schneider, and Chevalier